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I'm sure fish will explain this to me later, but how do you connect 2 routers w/o them eff'n each other?


  • Use a crossover cable (Or a uplink port).

  • thanks Q, youve saved the day once again
  • I got my router plugged into my hub without a crossover.. Netgear goes from port 3 to port 1 on the hub...
  • I have it that way too, Uplink port in hub > port 3 in router. And my hub has a switch that can go from crossover to patch.
  • thats okay guys, im just gonna sell my pancreas on the black market so i can afford a 100 port switch
  • LOL, a 4-port is $3.44....just get like 50 of those.
  • LOL, i hate to burst yur bubble, but i was being sarcastic. I have little need for more than 6 ports (and i have two 4-port routers)
  • yeah, me too. I got an 8-port hub, and a 4-port router/switch. What I might do is just get like a 16-port switch and hold me for a swhile. Allmy ports are filed up already.
  • what could one person do with 100 ports anyway?
  • Get an Armada of 486s on SETI!

  • how bout i take up needle point, another usless waste of time
  • Q's right, armada of 486s!

    MrClean makes no sense!
  • i make more sense than i cotton eaten bluefly stew!
  • As much sense as a pay toilet in a diarrehia ward... haha ...
  • Heres what I did, I used two 8port switchs and had two local networks and used a 3rd 5port switch to connect both 8port switchs together and then used a WINS server though my routers. It works but its real buggy. Had to disable most of the stuff in the frist router and put most all of the computers on the DMZ list. Have to becareful also, when I tryed it most of the time the DHCP wouldn't work.

    I wonder if I took a server that had two nics and had a router on each nic. and have like the computers hooked up to them. Think that will work?
  • Only if you bridge the connection...I think....there may be another way

    a good way I think is get a router. Then just start plugging in switches.
  • im considering a new server, and a permanate port for my laptop
  • I hate setting up port fowarding on routers... i like to just have the DHCP in the router assign IP addresses, but then they change every few days and I have to re-configure the port fowards (ie: ports for BitTorrent etc).

    Looks like i'll have to assign static IPs after all
  • My network is pretty simple, a 4 port router and a 5 port switch.

    SMC Barricade SMC7004VBR 4 Port

    SMC EZ Switch 5 Port

    All the computers in my room connect through the switch into the router. The only reason I have a switch is so I don't have to run 50 net wires down through the hole I have in the floor from upstairs to downstairs.

    I got a server, which I set the IP as static, because Port Forwarding requires it, but all the other PCs use DHCP I think, except for the laptop.
  • That's what static DHCP addrs are for.

    Most decent routers can assign the same IP to a specific MAC addr.

  • My router remembers which computers had which IP address, which is great because I dont need to use static shit...
  • I think mine does, too... but lately my parent's computer and my Pocket PC have been fighting over an IP. And last nigth when my laptop was on, it seemed to steal my server's ip. Maybe it doesn't do that stuff....

    But I know in the DHCP Client List it'll have a computer that hasn't been on in a week?
  • On my router that's the list of all DHCPd addrs that it's ever given out.

  • my router just remembers the IP by the MAC address.

    I did have a problem when the DHCP client list was set to 1. :-D.

    And of coarse I almost went to buy a new router becuase WINNT4 didnt like the DHCP, turns out WINNT4 doesnt like Compaq NIC's. happened on 3 COmpaq PC's. One even had an Intel (Compaq branded( card..
  • My router is cool, it has a Static DHCP system. How it works is I tell the router a MAC Address of a workstation and a IP address so when the workstation calls for a IP the router sees the mac address and gives it the IP I want. Its pretty much static but its just easyer to config and I don't have to update the forwarded ports.
  • Almost ALL routers do that, even my crappy CrapUSA one does.

  • now i forward ports individually
  • Mine just remembers what PC goes on what port... and MrClean only lost the DMZ when I took it off last night :P
  • when i said i would forward my ports individually, i meanst fish would froward my ports individually
  • lol, why not you.
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