Route 666



  • cuz im a l azy person who doesnt care much for techies
  • I now use a regular cable to connect my D-Link Switch and Belkin Router together. The D-link has some kind of auto sensing thingy on all the ports (something called MDI, I think). Seems to work pretty well!
  • Yeah thats insanely common :P

    I just have my router plug into port 1 on my hub with a patch cable because it can auto-detect :P
  • Yes, I'm aware, but it must be a more common feature because why would they even have uplink ports and crossover cables if this had always been?
  • I was bored and redid my network last night.
    I have 6 switches, a router and my DSL. The switches use a BNC connection for connecting more switches to gether. Just slide the switch over to 5+ instead of 5 and it sees the other switch and so on and so forth. I used a 386 with two nics and had nic 1 connected to my switches and connect my router and DSL to nic 2 on the 386. I have the 386 to work as a second router. I have DHCP disabled and manualy set the IP addresses to the network. I have for my real router and as the second linux router. So the computers connected to my switches use the 10.0.0.x IP address. Next im going to add IPv6 to my network when I get a chance.
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