Windows 95 OSR 2.1

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Windows 95 OSR 2.1

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  • Will OSR2.1 Polish CD work with SCSI TRAXDATA CDRW2260 PRO Drive???? I use Tekram DC-390 Adapter.

  • Yay, polish version!

  • @CompuPlay said:
    Yay, polish version!

    też Polak? Xd

  • @CPII said:
    Will OSR2.1 Polish CD work with SCSI TRAXDATA CDRW2260 PRO Drive???? I use Tekram DC-390 Adapter.

    If you bootdisk has SCSI drivers, it will work. If not you could copy the installation folder from CD (the one with all the cabs and setup.exe) to hard disk and start setup from there.

    The Win98SE bootdisk ships SCSI CD drivers. I dont know about the Win95 bootdisk.

  • Fenx! Now I can install Windows 95 :)

  • You're welcome :)

    I wonder if your SCSI Traxdata burner is one of those with a fan in it. I had one of these around 2002-2005, it was loud as hell.
    They were so expensive, I couldn't afford it, so my uncle paid most of it and we where sharing it - everytime he passed by and saw finger-traces from dirty fingers on it's button he got really angry :smiley:
    There also was a fanless one in our local computer store, but this one was even more expensive...

    Win95 also supports burning CDs with proper software. On there is a Nero 3.xx full version to download. I use it on my Pentium MMX laptop.

  • A largely undocumented fact: the kernel installed by the USB supplement supports WDM drivers, though very few are actually compatible. Most sources say support started with Windows 98.

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    Where is Win95 OSR2.1 Spanish Serial Key?!

  • @Sebastian Diaz said:
    Where is Win95 OSR2.1 Spanish Serial Key?!

    You can use any serial for Windows 95 OSR2.1

  • Yeah, but Where is the Spanish Serial Key?!
    I Tried all of them & No Luck!

  • Try copying the win95 folder to the HDD, then changing ProductType in setuppp.inf to 1.

  • I Tried the Windows 95 Original Serial Key & IT WORKED!!!!! :D

  • Regarding "Windows 95 OSR2.1 [Spanish]"

    This looks like a modified copy as there's file dates from 2004-2010 (or older)
    I have a legit copy of that right here:
  • I installed Windows 95 in a virtual machine with 1 GB of RAM, but the startup crashed with the message "Insufficient memory to initialize Windows."

    - at startup press F8 to bring up the menu and start the command prompt;
    - go to the C:\Windows folder and open the SYSTEM.INI file with the editor (type "edit system.ini");
    - at the end of the "386enh" section add the line MaxPhysPage=3B000;
    - save and restart the virtual machine.

  • On Polish version installer can't find files from win95 folder even from hard drive
  • The polish CD ISO works fine for me. It looks like a genuine dump too.
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