Real/32 7.x

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Real/32 7.x

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  • V7.94 is useless as installer fails when trying from included floppy images and trying to create a new set of floppies asks for a CD ROM.

  • V7.60 is also useless. Floppy images are incorrectly formatted (showing as 1,441kb instead of 1,4440kb) and wont mount in VirtualBox (Incorrect format error), this can be fixed by opening in Win Image, changing format for 1.44mb and saving however installer fails with missing file errors on the final disk.

    Funny thing is both 7.60 versions have the exact same filesize error, early DRM possibly?

  • Real/32 is, apparently really picky about emulators but works fine on real hardware and PCem. have the same images, but also includes DISKCOPY.COM to write them on floppy (needs real hardware and real floppies to work, though):

  • The files have been repacked and re-uploaded.

  • Manuals, Manuals, Manuals
  • There is a CD version of this over at that includes manuals (and quite a bit more):
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