Windows 1.0 1.01



  • @jonirob Oh. Well thanks anyway.
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    @jonirob as far as we can tell, it's not missing anything. There never was a Write disk for this version, but Tulip/CompuData apparently forgot to remove it from setup.

    Like the other bundled applications, Write is not critical for Windows to work, hence why setup gives you the option to quit when asked to provide that disk.
  • @DeFacto So, if I press "Q" when the setup askes for the write disk, it won't just uninstall that Windows build?
  • No, setup will just finish and windows will work normally.
  • Can you please add windows comdex build?
  • Do you know of a copy somewhere that we can add? I'd be more than happy to add it if someone could dig one up.
  • Hey @Danny6915 Do have Windows 1.0 Comdex Build. Uploaded to Mega make a download link they will add to WinWorldPc.
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