Start Backing Up my Old Programs Library!

Hello Everyone!

I started backing up my old programs library from early and mid 1990s. The library consists of 3.5" and 5.25" diskettes. I'm using WinImage ver.9 to make IMA images of the diskettes. I'm also using SuperCard Pro (SCP) to backup protected and partially damaged diskettes.

I'll upload all programs to once I'm done. Here is a lost of all the programs I have (some might be missing!):

3-002    MORPH V.1.0                             03*HD   WIN     MULT
3-003    GAMES FOR WINDOWS                       01*HD   WIN     GAME
3-004    MS VISUAL BASIC Pro 3.0                 09*HD   WIN     LANG
3-005    ELIVIRA                                 01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-006    PC TOOLS Pro 9.0                        05*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-007    DIRECT ACCESS 1.0                       02*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-008    STRONG HOLD                             02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-009    HARVARD GRAPHICS 1.0                    06*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-010    PIZAZZ PLUS 4.0 FOR WINDOWS & DOS       01*HD   W&D     PRNT
3-011    YO! JOE!                                02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-012    VIDEO BLASTER SOFTWARE 93*              01*HD   W&D     DRIV
3-013    DICTIONARY  A/E & E/A                   01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-014    Al-FACKEEH                              01*HD   WIN     EDUC
3-015    HiJAAK PRO 2.0                          04*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-016    MS WINDOWS 3.1 (FULL ARABIC)            09*HD   WIN     SYST
3-017    PAGE MAKER 5.0                          06*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-018    ARABIC TRUE TYPE FONTS                  03*HD   WIN     FONT
3-019    WAY FOR WARD FUN PACK                   01*HD   WIN     GAME
3-020    ALONE IN THE DARK                       04*HD   DOS     GAME
3-021    MS WORD 2.0 (FULL ARABIC)               07*HD   WIN     WPRO
3-022    ETERNAM                                 04*HD   DOS     GAME
3-023    PHOTO FINISH 2.0                        03*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-024    AL-MUKHTAR T.T. ARABIC FONTS            04*HD   WIN     FONT
3-025    QEMM V. 7.0                             01*HD   W&D     UTIL
3-026    PRINCE 1.0                              01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-027    ARABIC FONTS FOR GAMMA UNI.             01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-028    ARABIC COREL DRAW TEXT EDITOR           01*HD   WIN     ARAB
3-029    Dr SOLOMON                              02*HD   DOS     VIRU
3-030    NORTON COMMANDER (NC) 4.0               02*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-030    NORTON COMMANDER (NC) 4.0               02*HD   DOS     DSKP
3-031    Dr SOLOMON TOOL KIT                     01*DD   W&D     VIRU
3-032    MUSAED AL-ARABI ARABIZATION             01*HD   DOS     ARAB
3-033    UHO DATABASE FOR WORLD                  02*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-034    MS VIDEO 1.0                            03*HD   WIN     MULT 
3-035    LOTUS                                   01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-036    SCAN 117 (COMPLETE FOR DOS & WIN)       01*HD   DOS     VIRU
3-037    DOOM                                    04*HD   DOS     GAME
3-038    PRINT SHOP DELUXE COMPANION             03*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-039    FONTOGRAPGER 3.5                        02*HD   WIN     FONT
3-040    MS DOS 6.2 COMPLETE                     03*HD   DOS     SYST
3-041    SERIF PAGE PLUS 2.0                     03*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-042    PRINCE OF PERSIA II                     04*HD   DOS     GAME
3-043    NORTON ANTI VIRUS 3.0                   02*HD   W&D     VIRU
3-044    EIGHT BALL DELUXE                       2*D&H   DOS     GAME
3-045    COMPUTER SHOPPER DISK                   01*DD   DOS     SHAR
3-046    VGA COPY 5.2                            01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-047    KILO BALSTER                            01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-048    VISUAL BASIC ARABIC 2.0                 01*HD   WIN     ARAB
3-049    NEW STAR SOFTWARE DEMO 2.4              01*HD   DOS     SHAR
3-050    LAZIER TWIN 5.0                         03*DD   WIN     PRNT
3-051    MEMORY COMMANDER 3.14                   01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-052    BLACK STONE                             01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-053    INDY CAR RACING                         03*HD   DOS     GAME
3-054    ACTION! 2.5                             06*HD   WIN     MULT
3-055    COREL DRAW 5.0                          16*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-055    COREL DRAW 5.0                          16*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-055    COREL DRAW 5.0                          16*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-055    COREL DRAW 5.0                          16*HD   WIN     OCRS
3-056    CLIP-ART                                01*HD   WIN     ARTI
3-057    CAPTION DYNAMO                          01*DD   DOS     GAME
3-058    SILVER BALL                             01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-059    SAUDI SOFT FONTS I                      01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-060    SPEED KIT 4.3                           01*DD   W&D     UTIL
3-061    CHANGE H. DATE TO M. DATE               01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-062    SPELLER - PICTION - WOLF 3D & M.T.!     01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-063    S.S.A.                                  01*DD   DOS     GAME
3-064    XENON II                                01*DD   DOS     GAME
3-065    DAVE .                                  01*DD   DOS     GAME
3-066    OP WOLF                                 01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-067    DOS 5 TASKS                             01*HD   DOS     SYST
3-068    AUTO WORKS                              02*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-069    QEMM 6.03                               01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-070    RECOGNITA PLUS 2.0                      02*HD   DOS     OCRS
3-071    FLYING ICON DO IT 1.0                   01*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-072    UN INSTALLER 1.0                        01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-073    NSS ARABIZATION FONTS                   01*DD   WIN     ARAB
3-074    DESQ VIEW 386 V.6.02                    01*DD   DOS     DSKP
3-075    SUPER JAM 1.0                           01*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-076    STACKER 3.1                             02*HD   W&D     UTIL
3-077    UPGRADING & MAINTAINING PC              01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-078    SUPER PC KWIK 5.0                       01*DD   W&D     UTIL
3-079    TEST & INFO. ABOUT YOUR SYSTEM          01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-080    MS DOS 6.0 + ENHANCE. TOOLS             03*HD   DOS     SYST
3-081    GIF PUBLISHER 4.1 + GDS 2 (GIF Viewer)  01*DD   DOS     IMAG
3-082    HYPER DISK 4.2                          01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-083    NORTON ANTI VIRUS 2.0                   01*HD   W&D     VIRU
3-084    INSTANT ARTIST                          03*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-085    MICRO. PHOTO MAGIC w/SAMPLES            07*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-086    WORD PERFECT ARABIC                     09*DD   DOS     WPRO
3-087    MS WINDOWS 3.1 NT                       22*HD   WIN     SYST
3-088    VISUAL BASIC EXAMPLES                   01*DD   WIN     LANG
3-089    CANVASS 3.5                             04*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-090    STEREO PRO                              02*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-091    EXTER MIMATOR                           01*DD   DOS     GAME
3-092    NORTON DESKTOP 3.0                      07*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-092    NORTON DESKTOP 3.0                      07*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-093    FRACTEL DESIGNER PAINTER 2.0            05*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-094    LABEL PRO 3.5                           02*HD   WIN     PRNT
3-095    TEST DRIVE III                          01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-096    STREET FIGHTER II                       03*HD   DOS     GAME
3-097    FLIGHT SIMULATOR 5                      02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-098    QEMM V.7.2                              01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-099    SCAN 220                                01*HD   W&D     VIRU
3-100    SANTAS & MAS                            01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-101    HP DASH BOARD 2.4                       01*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-102    CA-dB FAST 2.0                          04*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-103    MIGHT AND MAGIC III  1.44               03*HD   DOS     GAME
3-104    MULTIMEDIA PLAYERS (FLC & FLI)          01*DD   DOS     MULT
3-105    MS MOUSE DRIVER V.8.20A                 01*DD   WIN     DRIV
3-106    ENERGIZER BONY SCREEN SAVER             01*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-107    GOLD JEINE                              01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-108    CA-CRICKET PAINT                        04*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-109    PKZIP 2.4G                              01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-110    FONT EDIT                               01*DD   DOS     FONT
3-111    UN INSTALLER 2.0                        02*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-112    ADOBE TYPE MANAGER 2.5                  02*HD   WIN     FONT
3-113    ANOTHER WORLD                           01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-114    AL-HASUOB T.T. ARABIC FONTS             01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-115    CD SPEED WAY V.1.01G                    01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-116    NAFITHA ARABIZATION 4.1                 02*HD   DOS     ARAB
3-117    GRAPHICS TOOLS 1.0                      04*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-118    KIDS WORKS w/READER!                    01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-119    TEMPRA MULTIMEDIA 2.0                   02*HD   DOS     MULT
3-120    MS WINDOWS 3.1 (ENGLISH)                06*HD   WIN     SYST
3-121    F 117A v.2.0                            02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-122    BODY ILLUSTRATED                        02*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-123    PRINT SHOP DELUXE                       03*HD   DOS     GRAP
3-124    PC GLOBE                                01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-125    ACTION! v.1.0.1                         04*HD   WIN     MULT
3-126    CA-CRICKET IMAGE 1.0                    03*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-127    ARABIZATION 2.1 FOR WIN. 3.11           02*HD   WIN     ARAB
3-128    X-WING                                  06*HD   DOS     GAME
3-129    ARABIC MS-EXCEL 4.0                     06*HD   WIN     SPRD
3-130    PROMOD FOR SOUND CARD                   01*DD   DOS     SOUN
3-132    ENGLISH TRUE TYPE FONTS                 02*HD   WIN     FONT
3-133    ARA. PERSONAL DICTIONARY                01*DD   DOS     EDUC
3-134    SAKHR ARABIZATION 2.03                  02*HD   DOS     ARAB
3-135    ARAB. LIBRARY OF BOOKS                  01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-136    ARAB. BACKUP PROGRAM                    01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-137    TEB ISLAMIE                             01*DD   DOS     EDUC
3-138    SB AUDIO CARD SOFTWARE                  01*HD   DOS     DRIV
3-139    SMARTCOPM LE 3.0                        01*HD   WIN     COMM
3-140    HP DESK JET SERVES 3.0                  01*HD   WIN     DRIV
3-141    HP DJ 500C FOR DOS COLOR APPLIC v.1.2   01*HD   DOS     DRIV
3-143    VIDEO BALSTER SOFTWARE                  01*HD   W&D     DRIV
3-144    VL-BUS CARD GL-542x SOFTWARE            03*HD   W&D     DRIV
3-145    FAX WORKS 3.0                           01*HD   WIN     COMM
3-146    PRODIG SERVES                           01*DD   DOS     COMM
3-147    WIN DRAW 3.0                            06*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-147    WIN DRAW 3.0                            06*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-148    TEACH ME WINDOWS 3.11                   01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-149    SURFACE MODELING FOR 3D STUDIO          01*HD   DOS     GRAP
3-150    MORE AFTER DARK                         01*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-151    WIN PROBE                               03*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-152    MS OFFICE 4.2                           26*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-152    MS WORD 6.0 - MS OFFICE 4.2             26*HD   WIN     WPRO
3-152    MS EXCEL 5.0 - MS OFFICE 4.2            26*HD   WIN     SPRD
3-152    MS POWER POINT 4.0 - MS OFFICE 4.2      26*HD   WIN     MULT
3-153    JURASSIC PARK                           03*HD   DOS     GAME
3-154    GENIUS TWAIN SYSTEM 1.0                 01*DD   WIN     DRIV
3-155    WORD STAR FOR WINDOWS - DEMO            01*HD   DOS     SHAR
3-156    TEACH ME EXCEL 4.0 FOR WINDOWS          01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-157    ASC ARABIC FONT PACK I                  01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-158    IPHOTO DELUXE 1.3                       01*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-159    ELCTRONIC EL-MAWRID - Protected         10*HD   WIN     EDUC
3-160    STACKER 4.0                             02*HD   W&D     UTIL
3-161    INCREDIBLE TOONS (SIERRA)               02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-162    RESCUE DATA RECOVER 2.0                 01*DD   DOS     UTIL
3-163    ANIMAL FUN 1.3                          03*HD   WIN     EDUC
3-164    ARABIC FONTS PACK 1                     08*HD   WIN     FONT
3-165    GO-CR 1.3                               01*DD   WIN     OCRS
3-166    SCAN 113 - NEW                          01*HD   DOS     VIRU
3-167    TEACH ME WORD PERFECT 6.0 FOR DOS       01*DD   DOS     EDUC
3-169    SKY LITE 3.0 DIAGNOSTICS                02*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-170    DBASE 1.0 FOR WINDOWS                   02*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-171    3D STUDIE 3.0                           09*HD   DOS     GRAP
3-172    BODY WORKS 3.0                          05*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-173    THE HOLY QURAN - AMMA PART w/SOUND      10*HD   WIN     EDUC
3-174    GAMMA UNIVERSE 1.03                     03*HD   WIN     WPRO
3-175    THE HOLY QURAN                          03*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-176    THE HADITH                              02*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-177    FLASH BACK (Delphine)                   04*HD   DOS     GAME
3-178    NORTON UTILITIES 8.0                    04*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-179    QMODEM PRO 1.0                          03*HD   WIN     COMM
3-180    CA-CLIPPER 5.2                          02*HD   DOS     DBMS
3-181    CA-CLIPPER 5.2d +Exospace               01*HD   DOS     DBMS
3-182    PHOTO FINISH 3.0                        06*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-183    WINFO PRO 2.0                           01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-184    FAUVE MATISSE IN GRY                    01*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-185    PC BENCH 7.01 & WIN BENCH 3.11          01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-186    SIM CITY 2000                           02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-187    DESIGN YOUR OWN HOMW 2.0                02*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-188    WIN FAX PRO 4.0                         05*HD   WIN     COMM
3-189    SUPER SHOW & TELL 1.1                   03*HD   WIN     MULT
3-190    SOUND IMPIESSION                        01*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-191    WIN ZIP 5.0p                            01*DD   WIN     SHAR
3-192    SOFTWARE AUDIO WORKSHOP 2.4             01*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-193    VOICE BLASTER (SOFTWARE)                02*HD   W&D     DRIV  
3-194    PHOTO MORPH 1.2                         01*HD   WIN     MULT
3-195    ISLAMIC DEMO (IMAGES)                   01*DD   DOS     SHAR
3-196    PC TOOLS 2.0                            07*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-197    WIN COMM PRO 1.0                        02*HD   WIN     COMM
3-198    CLOSE-UP 5.0                            01*HD   WIN     COMM
3-199    LAND DESIGNER 1.2                       01*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-200    AL-KHATEB INTERNATIONAL 2.0             04*HD   WIN     WPRO
3-202    LOTUS 123 ARABIC v.4.1                  06*HD   WIN     SPRD
3-203    CLARION DATABASE Develope 3.0           06*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-204    ADOBE PHOTO SHOP 2.5.1                  04*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-205    MS FINE ARTIST 1.0                      03*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-206    PC DOS 6.3 (v.7.0)                      05*HD   DOS     SYST
3-207    MS PUBLISHER                            05*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-208    S.S. ARABIC FONTS                       01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-209    TRIPLE ACTION                           01*HD   DOS     GAME
3-210    UNDER SEA ADVENTURE                     05*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-211    SHADOW OF CASTER                        05*HD   DOS     GAME
3-212    MS WORD 6.0 (FULL ARABIC)               14*HD   WIN     WPRO
3-213    MS ACCESS 2.0 (FULL ARABIC)             14*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-214    DBASE V FOR WINDOWS                     07*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-215    DOOM II                                 05*HD   DOS     GAME
3-216    SCAN/CLEAN 213                          01*HD   DOS     VIRU
3-217    AL-QALAM from RightSoft                 02*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-218    AL-MUAATHIN                             02*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-219    3D STUDIO VER 3.1                       08*HD   DOS     GRAP
3-220    MS EXCEL 5.0 (FULL ARABIC)              15*HD   WIN     SPRD
3-221    DAR DARK 1.0 (ISLAMIC SCREEN SAVER)     01*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-222    CALIGARI TRUE SPACE                     03*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-223    SOLID-CAD (WITH MANUAL)                 01*DD   WIN     GRAP
3-224    BT DISK UTILITIES (WITH MANUAL)         01*DD   WIN     UTIL
3-225    RAYTRACE (WITH MANUAL)                  01*DD   WIN     GRAP
3-226    NO MOUSE 4.0 (WITH MANUAL)              01*DD   WIN     UTIL
3-227    DB's ART MANAGER (WITH MANUAL)          01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-228    DOOM                                    02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-228    SKY ROADS (GAME)                        01*DD   DOS     SHAR
3-229    MS ACCESS 2.0 (ARABIC EXAMPLES)         01*DD   WIN     DBMS
3-230    SAUDI SOFT FONTS II                     01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-231    MEGA PACK 1                             01*HD   W&D     SHAR
3-232    NSS DEMO 2.4 (SOURCE CODE)              01*DD   DOS     PROG
3-233    NSS DEMO 0.9                            01*HD   DOS     SHAR
3-234    3D STUDIO 4.0B                          10*HD   DOS     GRAP
3-235    OS/2 WARP 3.0                           21*HD   OS2     SYST
3-236    OS/2 WAPR UTILITIES                     14*HD   OS2     UTIL
3-237    3DS 4 DISK KEY                          01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-238    Q LINK II                               01*HD   W&D     COMM
3-239    SCAN 214                                01*HD   DOS     VIRU
3-240    PLAY MATION                             01*HD   WIN     MULT
3-241    QEMM 7.04                               01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-242    POWER ALBUM 94 VER 1.03 (IMAGES ALBUM)  01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-243    ADOBE PHOTO SHOP 3.0                    05*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-244    HARVARD GRAPHICS 3.0                    10*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-245    FRACTAL DESIGN DABBLER 1.0              04*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-247    ORBITS                                  01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-248    CEMISTRY WORKS                          01*DD   DOS     EDUC
3-249    CRIME                                   02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-250    PC GLOBE 5.0                            01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-251    OO2 ENGLISH PROGRAM                     01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-252    PICTURE PUBLISHER 5.0                   05*HD   WIN     DTPS
3-253    AUTO CAD 12                             16*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-254    DOS 6.22                                03*HD   DOS     SYST
3-255    MY ADVANCED LABEL DESIGNER 1.01         01*HD   WIN     PRNT
3-256    ARABISK FOR COREL DRAW 5                02*HD   WIN     ARAB
3-257    SUPER PRINT 3.0                         02*HD   WIN     PRNT
3-258    TIME LINE 5.0                           02*HD   WIN     SHAR
3-259    ALADDIN                                 03*HD   DOS     GAME
3-260    FD FORMAT                               01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-261    SETUP ADVISOR                           01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-262    SLIDE SHOW                              02*HD   WIN     DSKP
3-263    NEW SATR SOFTWARE CATALOG 3             01*DD   DOS     SHAR
3-264    MEGA PACK 2                             01*HD   W&D     SHAR
3-265    POWER DISK                              01*HD   W&D     SHAR
3-266    WINDOWS ICON EDITOR                     01*HD   WIN     SHAR
3-268    HP DESK JET 500 SERIES DRIVER 5.0       02*HD   WIN     DRIV
3-269    NBE SOUND 2.0 (FOR NoteBook)            02*HD   WIN     DRIV
3-270    NBE VIDEO 2.55A (FOR NoteBook)          01*HD   WIN     DRIV
3-271    NBE EZ CONFIG 2.01 (FOR NoteBook)       01*HD   DOS     DRIV
3-272    CRAZY FOOTBALL                          02*HD   DOS     GAME
3-273    CHESS MASTER 3000                       02*HD   WIN     GAME
3-274    MENU MAKER 2.0                          01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-275    TELEPHONE INDEX (ARABIC)                01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-276    THE MADONNA MIDI COLLECT                01*HD   WIN     SOUN
3-277    MS COBOL 4.5                            06*HD   DOS     LANG
3-278    3D BODY ADV.                            04*HD   W&D     EDUC
3-279    NORTON COMMANDER (NC) 7.0               02*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-279    NORTON COMMANDER (NC) 7.0               02*HD   DOS     DSKP
3-280    LOTUS FREELANCE GRAPHICS                02*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-281    COMPU WORKS DESIGNER                    02*HD   WIN     GRAP
3-282    WORLD ATLES 5.0                         07*HD   WIN     EDUC
3-283    TRAIN THE BRAIN                         03*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-284    THE MICHEAL JACKSON MIDI                01*HD   DOS     SOUN
3-285    ALAWI FONT PART 1 & 2 CORRECTION        01*HD   WIN     FONT
3-286    MAGIC LANTERN (PHOTO CD VIEWER)         01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-287    MS ACCESS DEVOLOPER 2.0                 04*HD   WIN     DBMS
3-289    SUADIA AIRLINE SKILL COURSE             01*HD   DOS     SHAR
3-290    MS DOS 5 w/ARABIC SUPPORT               03*HD   DOS     SYST
3-291    KIA'S POWER TOOLS 2.0                   03*HD   WIN     IMAG
3-292    VGA COPY 6.01                           01*HD   DOS     UTIL
3-293    QUICKEN 7.0                             02*HD   DOS     SHAR
3-294    ARABIC FONTS PACK 2                     08*HD   WIN     FONT
3-295    CLIP-ART (CWF & CGM FORMAT)             01*HD   WIN     ARTI
3-296    MS OFFICE PROFESSIONAL 4.3  Disk#1      01*HD   WIN     UTIL
3-297    QMODEM PRO 1.02                         01*HD   W&D     COMM
3-298    OS/2 WARP 3 ARABIC                      24*HD   OS2     SYST
3-299    FAX WORKS PRO 3.0                       04*HD   WIN     COMM
3-300    ARABIC TYPING TUTOR 2.0                 01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-301    EASY TO LEARN COMPUTING                 01*HD   DOS     EDUC
3-302    PROTO GEN C & CPP GENERATOR 2.2         01*HD   WIN     LANG
3-303    MS INTELLI POINT MOUSE V10              01*HD   W&D     DRIV
3-304    AL MURRAIB 2 ARABIZATION                01*HD   DOS     ARAB
3-319    SAKR ZAKAT FOR INDIVIDUALS              03*HD   WIN     FINA

5-001    TERMINATOR II                           02*HD   DOS     GAME
5-002    PIXER TYPESTRY                          03*HD   WIN     GRAP
5-003    MS QUICK BASIC 4.5                      05*DD   DOS     LANG
5-004    ROBIN HOOD GAMES OF SKILL               01*HD   DOS     GAME
5-005    GW-BASIC                                01*DD   DOS     LANG
5-006    MS WINDOWS 3.1 NT BOOT                  01*HD   DOS     UTIL
5-007    QUICK ART                               02*HD   WIN     ARTI
5-008    GODS                                    01*HD   DOS     GAME
5-009    DRIVE PRO v.1.09                        01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-010    CLIP ART SHOPPER 1.2                    03*HD   WIN     ARTI
5-011    HALO DESKTOP IMAGER                     02*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-012    BANNER ON WINDOWS                       01*HD   WIN     GRAP
5-013    MS PRINTING SYSTEM                      05*HD   WIN     PRNT
5-014    PC DOS 3.3                              02*HD   DOS     SYST
5-015    STAR TREX                               05*HD   DOS     GAME
5-016    DBASE IV v.2.0                          03*HD   DOS     DBMS
5-017    LIBRARY FOR CLIPPER 1.0                 04*DD   DOS     DBMS
5-018    MS - C  v.6.0                           07*HD   W&D     LANG
5-019    WINFAX PRO 3.0                          04*HD   WIN     COMM
5-020    VGA ART                                 01*DD   DOS     ARTI
5-021    FRACTAL DESIGNER 3.0                    01*DD   DOS     ARTI
5-022    MAC DRAFT                               01*HD   WIN     DTPS
5-023    BAS2COM BASIC COMPILER                  01*DD   DOS     LANG
5-024    NORTON UTILTIES 7                       05*HD   DOS     UTIL
5-025    TUNNELS v.2.0                           02*HD   DOS     GAME
5-026    ARABIAN CLIPS                           01*DD   WIN     ARTI
5-027    FORM WORKS v.2.01                       03*HD   WIN     DTPS
5-028    ARAB WORD v.3.0                         01*HD   DOS     WPRO
5-029    TURBO DEBUGGER AND ASSEMBLER            04*DD   DOS     LANG    
5-030    RUN-C v.1.32                            01*DD   DOS     LANG
5-031    EMULASER                                05*HD   W&D     PRNT
5-032    FONT EDITOR                             02*HD   DOS     FONT
5-033    LABEL PRO                               02*DD   DOS     PRNT
5-034    MS TEST                                 01*HD   WIN     UTIL
5-035    ICON HEAR IT                            03*HD   WIN     SOUN
5-036    TURBO DEBUGGER - HELP -                 01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-037    DEBUG                                   01*DD   DOS     LANG
5-038    CLIPPER PATCH FILE v.5.2                01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-039    TURBO SOURCE - LISTED -                 01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-040    SKY GLOBE 3.5                           01*DD   DOS     EDUC
5-041    COPY QM 3.03                            01*HD   DOS     UTIL
5-042    HP NEW WAVE 4.1                         03*HD   WIN     DSKP
5-043    MS WORKS (ARABIC)                       05*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-044    LIGHTNING 1.1                           02*HD   WIN     UTIL
5-045    LETHAL WEAPON                           01*HD   DOS     GAME
5-046    SOUND BALSTER TEXT TO SPEECH            01*HD   W&D     SOUN
5-047    3D CONSTRUCTION 2.0                     01*HD   DOS     GRAP
5-048    SUPER KEY                               01*HD   DOS     UTIL
5-049    PRESENTATION TASK FORCE                 09*HD   W&D     ARTI
5-050    FRACTAL DES. PAINT 1.2                  03*HD   WIN     GRAP
5-051    SOURCER 486                             01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-052    COMPUTER WORKS                          03*HD   DOS     EDUC
5-053    GEOWOEKS ENSEMBLE PRO                   04*HD   DOS     SYST
5-054    ABOVE DISK 4.1                          01*HD   W&D     UTIL
5-055    ARABIC TELEPHONE INDEX                  01*DD   DOS     UTIL
5-056    SOURCER 2.0                             01*HD   DOS     UTIL
5-057    PC CILLIN v.3.65 (SOFTWARE)             01*HD   DOS     VIRU
5-059    ADOBE PHOTO SHOP 2.0                    05*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-060    TEMPRA PRO v.3.0                        02*HD   DOS     IMAG
5-061    NAKED EYE                               01*HD   DOS     MULT
5-062    PHOTO STYLER v.1.0                      03*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-063    INSTANT ARTIST                          03*HD   DOS     GRAP
5-064    IMAGE ASSISTANT                         02*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-065    VENTURA PICTURES PRO                    04*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-066    ANIMATER PRO 1.3                        01*HD   WIN     MULT
5-067    3D STUDIO 2.0                           09*HD   DOS     GRAP
5-068    GENUIS MOUSE DRIVER                     01*DD   DOS     DRIV
5-069    AFTER DARK 2.0                          01*HD   WIN     DSKP
5-070    CLOSE-UP 4.0                            01*HD   WIN     COMM
5-071    PC BOARD 14.5                           04*HD   DOS     COMM
5-072    PC DOS 6.1                              05*HD   DOS     SYST
5-073    STAR TREK                               05*HD   DOS     GAME
5-074    DESIGN YOUR OWN NOM  ( ARCH )           03*DD   DOS     GRAP
5-075    SOUND GALAXY NX 1.5                     02*HD   W&D     DRIV
5-076    ENGLISH LEARNING                        01*DD   DOS     EDUC
5-077    VOICE BALSTER (SOFTWARE)                02*HD   W&D     DRIV
5-078    PC DISK 8 - MAY 1994                    01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-079    PC DISK 9 - JUNE 1994                   01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-080    PC DISK 10 - JULY 1994                  01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-081    MS DOS (ARABIC SUPPORT)                 01*HD   DOS     ARAB
5-082    DBASE III+                              01*HD   DOS     DBMS
5-083    SIDE BAR                                01*DD   WIN     DSKP
5-084    GWS FOR IMAGES                          01*HD   WIN     IMAG
5-085    HOME ALONE 1                            01*HD   DOS     GAME
5-086    HOME ALONE 2                            02*HD   DOS     GAME
5-087    PC DISK - AUGUST 1994                   01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-088    PC DISK - DECEMBER 1994                 01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-089    PC DISK - JANUARY 1995                  01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-090    PC DISK - FEBRUARY 1995                 01*HD   WIN     EDUC
5-091    PC DISK - MARCH 1995                    01*HD   WIN     EDUC


  • Thanks very much for contributing a lot of disk images.

  • I know I'm not an admin, but I think this topic should go in the Software forum. Just saying.

  • Moved to offers and requests. Thanks for archiving!

  • I'm interested in quite a few of these, any chance you might post a link when you get it all uploaded?


  • Aye! It would be wonderful if you could post the link once the upload process is done. There is some brilliant stuff in there that I will most definitely treasure.

  • Any news about this archive link? I am interested in some stuff myself specially

  • I think user tech seems not to want to share(offer) his library.
    So I don't expect or believe to share it.

  • I'm really sorry guys for not completing this archive in a timely manner. I'm only working on it in my spare time and have had some technical difficulties.

    Sometimes diskettes are found to be corrupted/damaged. So, I do raw imaging for them using SuperCard Pro (SCP) card and then try to fix the damaged sectors or files.

    I also test the images by installing the software on a virtual machine or old PC. If a problem arises, then I try to solve it myself or look for a solution. For example, disk #4 of OS/4 Warp ME (rare version!) found to be partially damaged. I reached the OS/2 community for help restoring it as you can see here:,2004.0.html

    Another problem I'm currently having is with 5.25" floppy drives. My drive was not working properly. I ordered another from eBay and it also was problematic. So, I ordered another and it's in its way!

    I'll upload the images I have so far tonight. Newer ones will be uploaded once they are ready.

  • Here is the archive's URL:

    The files are being uploaded as I'm typing this!

  • The URL says :

    "This item is no longer available.

    Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use."

    I don't recommend to upload it on

  • Any suggestion where to upload please?

  • edited May 2019

    Try MEGA.

    I don't know why they'd take this stuff down but they leave modern Windows ISOs and cracks for modern software up.

  • On it is usually best to have an entry for each individual software title. If one item gets taken down then you know what it was. They will remove stuff if a company is actively checking and and demanding a take down.

  • I gave another try. I put all program in an iso file and upload it there.

    Here is the collection's URL:

    I hope it stays online this time!

  • Do you have label scans of any of these?

  • Yes, some have label scan, such as:

  • @tech said:
    I gave another try. I put all program in an iso file and upload it there.

    Here is the collection's URL:

    I hope it stays online this time!

    I'm afraid there are folders in the manifest that are missing from the ISO:

    5-014 PC DOS 3.3
    5-018 MS - C v.6.0

    There may be more, I did not check.

  • Thanky you.
    Do you have other versions of Trend PC-Cillin for DOS?

  • Great collection of abandonware there. Check out direct access if you want a super professional menu system for a dos system. :)

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