Borland C++ 5.x

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imageBorland C++ 5.x

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  • Where are you supposed to place the files from the "Extra include" ?

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    @BigAIUK and to whom it may concern,

    The "Extra include files" are just *.cpp and *.h files to implement matrix-, queue-, stack-, string-, and vector classes in Borland C++ . You can place them pretty much anywhere you like, and use them as you would any program you have written.

    From the comment of apvector.cpp:
    // vector class consistent with a subset of the standard C++ vector class
    // as defined in the draft ANSI standard (part of standard template library)

    On that note - templates are already part of the language at least since version 3.x for DOS :smile:

    There is also Iocolors.h (with no corresponding Iocolors.cpp) and Iocolors.bak, that seem to be there by accident - these you can just delete.

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