Lattice C 2.x

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Lattice C 2.x

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  • I think the "Lifeboat" was an appropriate totem for this compiler. Both the compiler, and the code it generated were incredibly slow. You needed a lifeboat to save yourself. I quickly switched to the Mark Williams "Let's C" compiler, and didn't look back.

  • I actually never used Lattice C, but I used Microsoft C 2 for compiling an old 8086 "microcontroller" firmware.
    This was incredibly slow - I thought it was because of using emulators, so I installed Windows 3.1, DOS and MSC on my 386 box ... and it was still that fu**ing slow.

    As MSC2 is just a rebranded Lattice C compiler, this is no surprise.

    Also there were a few files called "quirksXX.c", that held code to work around some compiler bugs and replaced some c library functions. But I don't remember any details from these files...

    What I usually miss on those old compilers are "ready-to-run" IDEs.
    It is no fun to dig into command-line-usage on a single tasking system like DOS.
    Close Editor, change directory/add to path/, invoke compiler, invoke linker, nothing works, go back to editor, ...

  • Microsoft C 1.03 beta is basically Lattice C 1.03 (it doesn't even have changed copyrights to Microsoft).
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