[OFFER] Windows 2000 Datacenter Server with Service Pack 1


  • Nice find. But there's only one little problem with that file. It seems to be corrupted as File Explorer failed to mount the ISO image.

  • That ISO has been tampered with. It is no good.

  • edited March 2019

    We already have it. Datacenter Server was released in September 2000, after SP1 so the Datacenter RTM does have SP1 integrated anyway.

    What's strange is that the Datacenter ISOs are retail, when it was rarely, if ever distributed as a retail product (it was sold and supported by OEMs, which bundled it with high-end server hardware).

    I've heard about $10k+ quoted for a win2k datacenter server kit from Compaq (when it was new).

    Anyway, it looks like Windows 2000 Datacenter Server was M$' first foray into SAAS:

    In addition to the software licenses that are listed earlier in this article, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server has updateable subscriptions that are available from an OEM. The update subscriptions provide the customer access to version releases, supplements, and service packs for Windows 2000 Datacenter Server. The update subscription is available on a yearly basis, and a customer must renew it yearly with an OEM to obtain the benefits of the subscription. A customer may choose not to purchase the update subscription, but then the customer does not receive access to version releases, supplements, or service packs. Customers have the opportunity to pay previous subscription dues if they do not purchase the update subscription initially, but choose to subscribe at a later time.


  • EDIT. This ISO is corrupted/tampered with, so overall, this should not go on the library. sorry.

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