windows 2000 final checksum ?

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Hello ,

I aim to reuse an old computer to run old games, and to do that I downloaded Windows 2000 (pro) here

I check the checksum to see if it is identical to the one displayed ... I use a computer running Linux mint, with GtkHash
and the result I get is not the same as the one displayed on the site

What do you have as a result?
I passed the ISO to CLAMTK antivirus which found nothing

thank you in advance
Sorry my english is light !


  • If its not the one displayed on the site then you have a corrupt download. You need to redownload it in order to use it.

  • I think he have just checksummed .iso file, not .7z file which he downloaded.

    It's possible that 7z file is corrupt yet is still could be unpacked... just very-very unlikely.

  • I don't have it that download, but there was a post not too long ago that the checksums were corrupt and may not be accurate.

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