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AMD Duron replacement. As of now, the Duron is discontinued.

Now, these are actually better than the Duron.

AMD Duron 1.6GHz = 2.7GHz Celeron, 1.8GHz Pentium IV.

Also an AMD Athlon 2500+ 1.8GHz = 3.02GHz Pentium IV just to get an idea

Thats the stats with a Duron, the Sempron has twice as much cache, so, yeah


  • Sweet. I will have to consider getting a comp with one of those.
  • If it has twice as much cache, isnt it an Athlon? Im going to get one of these since it can use a standard Socket A.
  • Sempron has 256K L2

    Athlons have 512K of L2 cache
  • How about Socket 754 version. Does it support 64bit instructions?
  • I dont think so.

    754 is more of a budget Athlon 64 platform.

    I say, if you are going to go Athlon 64-bit, go Soket 939
  • So do you think that's when Sempron FX or something like that comes out? FOr Socket 939?
  • I rally dont know what AMD has in store for us.
  • How come no one talks about the Opteron line that AMD made to compete with the Intel Xeon?
  • You mean Socket 940?
  • AMD Sempron is a modified AMD Athlon XP, however, this doesnt mean the end of the AMD Athlon XP. they still produce them, but AMD will continue with 64bit processors.

    I looked at the website of my Computer hardware supplier and I saw that the AMD Athlon64 3800+ is available!
    It is expensive tough, its about
  • In Russia you can buy AMD Athlon 2800+ for just $130 not more...
  • A64 3800+? Mines a 3200+. However I anticipate that it will last me for a long enough time. It runs everything well enough and I have NX capabilites (For better and worse).

    The reason noone talks about Opterons is that noone has one so noone knows about them. And besides this whole thread was about the Sempron.

  • Slash wrote:
    In Russia you can buy AMD Athlon 2800+ for just $130 not more...

    here in germany costs a XP 2800+ 120
  • Oooh, AMD Athlon64 costs here $200
  • [CS]! It's like 600 here!

  • Poorness, ripped by CrapUSA again...

  • Slash wrote:
    Oooh, AMD Athlon64 costs here $200
    That's Chinese, not American. That's why it's so cheap!
  • Its cheap over here too.
  • How is it possible for A64s to be made in China? I mean, does AMD have plants over there? And how does that make it cheaper?

  • I dunno... It can be fake A64s...
  • Its Malaysian. And $200 for an A64 is pretty standard. But Q, you might've bought it when if first debuted. That's probably why you got it for $600.
  • Grr!!! Well CrapUSA does no longer have them, or @ least I couldn't find them when I was there last.

  • Heh. That's because they have ripped too many people off and now they're afraid to sell 'em. :)
  • It can be so, Yeah....
  • Well it's served me well, and still is. Someday I will get SuSE for x8664 on here...

  • I know Linux doesn't like AMD's first of all because of its sucking math coprocessor (FPU). Is that right?
  • You got yours along time ago, Q.

    I still don't know where AMD is going, and I think in a year or two we will, so I'm going to try and hold off on things until then.
  • Linux has NO problem with AMDs that I know of. They're all porting to A64s, FC and SuSE are, other I'm sure are coming. AMD seems to be pushing high end 32s and 64s, and it seems like AMD64s are better then I64s...

  • But why linux runs very slow on Duron-1300? What the hell!
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