Internet Explorer 8

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Internet Explorer 8

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    Installing this on NT 5.1 (XP) can break explorer.exe and the task manager

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    To obtain an actual release version for specific OS and Language download of IE8, use the site:

    It works for the ENGLISH versions (x32 & x64 for all of XP, Vista, Server 2K3 and Server 2K8). Not tried all of the other language/OS combinations, but those I did try worked, though the supported OS range varies per language. The drop-list and button worked ok in Chrome Version 78 and Opera Version 64. But you might not be able to download subsequent selections unless you completely close the webpage and open it again, unless you turn off the browser setting that limits multiple downloads from a web-page. If you have problems making these controls work at all, try another browser or version. It is moderately rare for an interactive webpage on the Wayback Engine to work at all, so this one's quite a pleasing discovery!

    (Note: the similar web-page for IE-7 was completely broken on, so it appears that some good portable web-coding was in play for at least a short while at Microsoft - went bad again during the IE-10 release, but worked again for IE-11).

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