FSV for Windows, port for MSVC

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Hi guys! Last weekend I was given task to porting some old codes into new toolchains. Got bored, I'm started to port my favorite program that originally runs only in Linux (or another Unix systems). Fortunately, there is mingw fork for this piece, so I'm starting getting fun by patching some POSIX functions to able compile into MSVC. I choose Visual C++ 2005 because there's no much benefits for use later version (also VC6 and earlier seems buggy).

If you don't know what kind this software, do you ever watch Jurassic Park? This is clone of SGI's fsn as shown as in infamous Its a UNIX system! scene.

Here's screenshot, run under Windows 2000:

Grab program here or grab source code here. Sorry, I can't provide step-by-step how to build at this moments for time constraints, but I'll try if you want that.

Tested from Windows 98 into latest Windows 10 (note: OpenGL hardware driver must installed on your OS, or it will hangs or crash)

Any comments and feedback will be apperciated :smile:


  • For most recent version, unfortunately I dropped OOB support for Windows 98/ME and NT 4.0 due strange bugs in older Gtk+ 2.6, although you can use compatibily layer like KernelEx for most recent build.

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