PowerBASIC 3.2 with Mouse Support and other tools

I've just encountered a source for a working version of PowerBASIC 3.2 for DOS with mouse support.

This will recognise and use the mouse provided within a VirtualBox Windows 2000 VM, so I guess it should work in other environments too. It includes the IDE, stand-alone compiler, librarian, debugger and Binary to ASM tools. And it appears that it doesn't require registering, so I assume this is a RAR-copy of the diskette content that Bob Zale would have mailed to you if you had registered from the shareware version. Not sure how PowerBASIC Inc. feels about PowerBASIC versions from 1995, though.

The path to this is:

There are other version here too that WinWorld has not yet captured. And if you browse in this vicinity, you'll find quite a few other treasures, such as various versions of the Borland TASM tools.


  • If you are concerned about the "ABNORMAL" folder name in the path, the reason for it is explained in this text file

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    Some of the sources on that site may need a little work to recreate the installation floppies, but the ones I tried did result in good working installations.

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