OS/2 2.0 2.1

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OS/2 2.0 2.1

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  • For some blasted reason, choosing default format option (HPFS) during installation grows the vm disk size to its maximum. (Virtual PC)

    At least it boots fine though, unlike OS/2 1.30.2.

  • I would use a newer version of VirtualBox for OS/2 emulation. Virtual PC's OS/2 stuff was mostly meant for Warp 4. Also, OS/2 1.30.0 and earlier have a trap error on anything newer than a 386.

  • Setting up a new OS/2 virtual machine. VirtualBox suggests 128 MB of RAM, and a 2 GB virtual hard disk which are both acceptable. I decided to use 256 MB of RAM with a 4.3 GB hard disk. This version of OS/2 requires a minimum of 120 MB, though with all features installed can exceed up to 450 MB of disk space.
  • How do you install IBM OS2 2.1 (ISO)? The iso isn't bootable, the weren't any bootdisks in the archive, and the floppy disk version never gives the option to install from cd.
  • @Zack13358 you need to either use 86box or DOSbox-x or make a DOS vm, then install OS/2
  • There are supposed to be boot disks with the CDs. I don't believe it is possible to install without boot disks. I thought there were images on the CD that could be used to make boot disks, but I might be remembering wrong.
  • @SomeGuy there are images on the cd but i have no idea how to create boot floppies out of them
  • Ok, at a glance the DSK files are standard WinImage compatible image files. But I suspect those are identical to the floppy-only version. That is, possibly no CD drivers and possibly no option to continue from CD. Keep in mind, of course, that you might have to install OS/2 CD drivers provided by your hardware vendor, like in Windows 9x.

    Back in the day it was usually less headache just to install OS/2 from the floppy disks.
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