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Just signed up so i suppose i ought to intoruce myself :icon_smile: . Im the admin of frognet. Its a small server running apache.

The main site itself has a crap design, and much is under development.

Frognet offers hosting to some small/personal websites.

The server runs:

WinXP Professional
Apache 1.3.31
Mysql 4.0.20
PHP 5.00


  • what's up with the flamboyant flash designs that look like papaer cut-outs?
  • Oh boy, another super slow forum - only site. We sure can use anothre one of those! Especially one from someone who claims their parent owns British Telecommunications.
  • err i doubt it. i think bt is owned by the goevrnment.

    sont use their dsl service

    1computer only
    1GB transfer... you get the picture
  • Plus, they block port 25, which is used on the forum for the SMTP server.
  • my isp is actaully great

    they allow servers
    no ports blocked
    no bandwidth limit
  • My ISP allows servers on ports other than 80 (they blocked it because peoples servers were getting owned by the code red worm), they block the MSBlaster port at the DSLAM level, theres no bandwidth limit at all, its fast, and super-cheap.
  • that site is kinda slow....what do you plan on using this server for?
  • he says he's gonna host sites on it

    PS: British Telecommunications is a publicly shared company, so unless he has several thousand parents his claim is bullshit
  • I missed where he said his parents owned BT...
  • ....Yeah

    and my uncles the pope and my cousin is Randy Rhoads along with my brother Elvis
  • Remember when WinBoy's dad was Windes Bob...haha...
  • That scared me
  • Ahhh.. the Windes days.
  • my isp is cheap (well for the uk) they dont block port 80.... one day ill turn off my firewall and see...
  • My parents do not own bt. I never said that. yet again fish is trying to look good and be bigheaded. Grow up...

    My forum isnt that slow loading at all. Its better than yours fish, at least mine has a higher uptime than downtime.
  • Also i dont think about hosting sites. I do host sites. I host a few and they are all satisfied with the hosting

    it may have been very slow a day ago or so as i was downlaoding with bittorrent, was using about 90% of my upload speed.
  • its slow now.....
  • Its bound to be a little slow as your very far away from the server, and its only running off a dsl conenction.

    I am still also downlaoding with bittorrent. As you know it uses upload bandwidth and download.
  • I dropped by and signed up yesterday while I didn't
    have anything to do. Maybe we could all meet there
    if this site goes down again. It's harder to see than
    this one though. I really like to help people if I can
    and there's really no one needing help there. And
    not many here. Thanks Frog.
  • Wow, he sure feels sure that his slow ass sites great. Oh and he told me that his dad owned British Telecommunications, and hterefore he would know more about it. He got all mad at me when I sent him the part of the Terms of Service from his ISP that clearly stated that they allow you to run HTTP servers, but *NOT* SMTP / mail servers, but no matter how many times I sent him to his ISP's thing, he said "I have business with a static IP" which has nothing in any way to do with his ISP's TOS, which clearly state that you can in no way run a mail server. THen he continues the bullshit by saying his dad owns BT or some absurd thing like that, he claimed that his dad actually was some fat cat with BT, and so he knows what hes talking about, even though thats all clearly bullshit.

    In conclusion, I think that frognet is juts as bad as IC and ridgeback, with their retarded remarks and poor insults.
  • LMAO

    Its too slow to be a business line
  • Yeah exactly... Its like, 512K / 128K or something shitty, business is always FAST, like 7M / 1M or something, therefore, we all know hes alying bullshitter :)
  • Yeah, if his dad really owned BT, I think he would have a real domain considering the amount of cash.
  • Im sick of all this. At least there are 2 real people on this forum. thump & topher net.

    i will scan the picture of the box my dsl pack came in if you are that desperate. Its BT Openworld Buisness DSL. 576kbps downstream. 288kbps upstream.

    So much for helping people out...

    to fish: I didnt mention static ip's at all. Why else yould i be using dynamic dns lol
  • Uhh....Im static, I use dyndns :-P

    What else are you gonna use for DNS, an IP Address is too long
  • I'd appreciate if you and Fish took this to AIM, and I'd tolerate peacefull, nonleeching coexistance,

  • Make it a chatroom, I wanna see this
  • I will finish this argument once in for all.

    here is the link to my buisness broadband:

    So eat it shit fish!!
  • So, I can show you an A64 scanin, do I got one?, No

    I wanna see a screenshot with proof of a speedtest at
  • LOL, hes using dynamic dns because he cant afford a domain like me and winworld use :)

    Plus, your ISP clearly states that mail servers arent allowed :)
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