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  • whats all this about mail servers anyway. I have never run a mail serevr before and am 100% aware that my port 25 is blocked.

    Nice to see you have shutup about my connection then. I have no need for a domain name, instead of .com or A matter of letters. Its pointless.
  • Regardless of your ISP or TLD you have inadvertantly or otherwise violated a few generally observer rules or Netiquitte, hence, somewhat, your bad reception.

  • I have done a speed test as one of you requested:
  • Well, it wont even connect -_-
  • ah Thats my firewall, i had to reinstall earlier.

    I will just reconfigure it...
  • okay... ftp currently refuses to work. So get it here instead:
  • Where's the verification #?

  • What do you mean by wheres the verification?
  • Where do you live?

    Oh, I'm out here, too, just so you know.
  • He's in the UK, it seems.


    PS. You didn't use, so there is no #.
  • My download has suddenly gotten crappy, like only double the power of my upload...
  • I *LOVE* how frognet now denies the fact that he kept telling me that because he has business DSL, he can run a server, even though I sent him many, many times, to his ISP's TOS page. Ill dig up the old IM logs later on.
  • Yea... let's see those logs.

    Wanna scan that box, Frog?
  • Boxes mean nothing, ISPs can change the TOS at any time they like.
  • I just wanna see for sure.

    I think OOL here has a different TOS for business... could this be possible?
  • So could Fish be on the Home TOS?
  • Yes, theres generally different TOS for differnet services, but I was talking about his business plan. And Im on residential DSL, and verizon says in all their plans no servers, but tech support says thats for reliability, that way, if you make a server without being allowed to, then get the thing hacked or ruined by someone, verizon cant be held responsible because they told you not to do it.
  • 576kbps downstream. 288kbps upstream.

    err i get faster than that on a home connection

    589kbps down
    300kbps up
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