IPFS Support GA Now

We have just completed the introduction of IPFS support to WinWorldPC for most of the file sets available.

What is IPFS?

IPFS, or InterPlanetary FileSystem is a peer-to-peer distributed file system. It's distributed, so the data is spread across multiple nodes, and it's peer-to-peer, reducing the complexity to set up a node.

Why use IPFS?

Using IPFS means that we are relieving the load on our servers, and allows faster downloading of our content due to the use of the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway by default. It also allows us to easily host the content transparently from multiple servers, allowing you to download your files faster and more reliably.

Why would I download a file from WinWorldPC through IPFS?

It's faster! Most WinWorldPC mirrors will max out on about 100mbps, and using IPFS would allow you to download files at much faster speeds. In addition to this, IPFS downloads do not count towards your daily download limit.

Currently, the IPFS functionality on WinWorldPC is still in beta. Hiccups may happen - if they do, please report them so we can improve our service.


  • Last sentence states " Currently, the IPFS functionality on WinWorldPC is still in beta" , however title states "GA Now". Could you please update?

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