[OFFER] Windows 1.0x/2.x apps

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While searching for Windows 1.0x applications for my site, I came across these items not yet on WinWorld:

Cadlogic Instinct 1.0

Even though this was found in a shareware collection, it appears to actually be the full version, as there are no demo labels or warnings anywhere, and I couldn't find any obvious limitations. It is however just the EXE with a few sample drawings. Works on Windows 1.0x.

Interestingly, the menu bar is different than in any of the photos found in press articles.

Micrografx In*a*Vision 1.23 Demo

Same limitations as all Micrografx demos. Works on Windows 1.0x.

Micrografx Windows Draw 1.04 Demo

Same as above.

Micrografx Graph Plus 1.1 Demo

Same limitations as above, but only works on Windows 2.x.

Roykore Opus I 2.02 Demo

Demo of the second release of Opus I for Windows 2.x only. The original release was titled "Opus One" and ran on Windows 1.0x.

Download all here.


  • Nice Finds DeFacto.

  • Found two more: a demo of Image-In (works with several scanner models under Windows 2.x) and what seems to be the full release of Design/2.0 by Meta Software.

    The release notes for the latter confirm that an earlier version supported Windows 1.0. This version doesn't, at least officially. It seems to still work for the most part under Windows 1.0 though.

    Download here.

  • cool! i was wondering if there was any software for such an old operating system

  • Neat! I didn't think there was anything made for Win 1.0.

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