How to update Windows XP machines nowadays?



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    It's an expression of my feelings towards their greed in that merciless attempt to leave XP users high-and-dry.

    We've had it good for way too long; but not long enough. :wink:

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    @Windows99SE said:
    It is nice to see Windows XP still getting updates despite being discontinued for over 5 years now. Is Windows XP basically immortal at this point? Was it so influental that it is refusing to die despite there being better OSes out there? If so then Windows 95 and 98 should also recieve updates.

    Even then, everybody hated Vista and as a result stayed on XP even longer. That's 8 years of XP being a dominant force in the OS world, before people started to move away from it.

    At that time, XP was still in support. Vista was crap (and was always), and Windows 7 afterwards became to norm. 5 years later, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. And 5 more years later, Vista also lost support but no one gave a fucking shit. Windows 7 only has one more year left before all that remains is Windows above 7.
    2020. After 2020, Windows 7 will also cease support, which results in the Metro-shit UI OSes to remain as the only supported ones. And after all of this, Windows 10 will be the only to exist. We all know and ""love"" Windows 10, right? An OS known for eating up your resources to oblivion (when I installed Windows 10 after 8.1 it was so fucking slow so I just reverted back to 8.1) and tons of other things like blue screens of death and a browser that was also crap, but improved by 2%. You know what I am talking about. Edge. Oh and for the record, Windows XP lasted for just 12 years, which is the longest. And the fact that people continue to use it just amazes me. I mean, it's their choice. Not mine. I say it like I am endorsed by Microsoft to get people to try Windows 10 or something. But the truth is, I am not. So yeah.

  • Okay, now I'm running into a new issue. I've done all the steps we've discussed so far, but when I try to go to the Windows Update website, it says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

    Normally it prompts me to install ActiveX, then the page loads. But it's not doing that. I've adjusted the Internet Options to propmt me to install ActiveX, but no prompt is appearing. Any ideas?

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    Makes sure you enable TLS in tools, internet settings, advanced. Also don’t attempt to use Microsoft update until after you’ve installs all of the windows update using windows update. There is something it doesn’t like about a fresh install of windows xp.

  • A bit of a late response, but I derped. I forgot to install the driver for the ethernet adapter. I couldn't find the driver on the internet, however I'm using a USB wireless adapter and getting the driver through Windows Update. I don't think I'll need this post again, I have everything I need.

  • There are slipstreamed ISO's around that have all the updates bundled in if that helps.

  • @Windows99SE said:
    And the fact that people continue to use it just amazes me. I mean, it's their choice. Not mine.

    Even though XP is as secure as a cheap plastic bag. Just makes me wonder how on earth are the minority able to hold on to it for this long (given that there's more and more security holes found every time, and cyber criminals love to keep attacking it to no end). If I wanted to go online under an obsolete OS, I'd rather have Windows 2000. And that's my choice.

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