Borland Turbo C++ 3.x (DOS)

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imageBorland Turbo C++ 3.x (DOS)

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  • Neither capture of Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 works under DosBox: installation fails on the last disk and its DOS extender GPFs.

  • It is possible to install this off of the floppy images but it takes a few extra steps. Here is what I had to do:
    1. Create a folder to hold the contents of all of the individual floppy disks (I called it C:\INSTALL)
    2. Copy the contents of each floppy into that folder (COPY A:\*.* C:\INSTALL)
    3. Substitute that folder for a floppy drive (SUBST A: C:\INSTALL)
    4. Run the installer (A:\INSTALL.EXE)

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    A couple of points:
    (1) SUBST A: is not necessary. The installer offers subfolder selection
    (2) DOSBox does have a problem with these disk images. So the copying of floppy contents into a HDD subfolder works and simplifies installation.
  • Install also fails on both of my DOS PCs. On an XT, it installed but then gives an error message when loading (an OBJ library doesn't load), and on an 80286, the installer crashes. Copied the files from the XT to the 286, also this fails, as it then says 'Library not registered on this machine'..
  • I was able to get it to install without error from disks, but I was using real 720k disks in a 720k drive. Maybe that is the issue others were having...
  • I was able to install under DOSBox-X by extracting all of the 720k images into a single folder and then mounting it as A:. The installer just breezed through without issue.
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