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I just installed my Kensigton Expert Mouse, it's great, now I just use my finger, not my whole arm! and Windows immediately picked it up when I told it to look for new hardwares! I just yanked the PS/2 one out! Not only is it a good mouse, but it's as perfect a Windows hardware installation could POSSIBLY go!



  • Neat. A trackball mouse. I had one of those once. The best mouse i ever had. I had no problem with it.
  • Ive got one but it gets dirty all the time.

    Hmm maby ill clean it and put it on.
  • yay i got my trackball on.

    i miss not having the wheel tho.
  • My mouse just left me.. sob. Its 2 years old though, and has been used to the limit.

    I just got a microsoft intellimouse, optical. Its good and cost me a mere
  • lol i just bought on today dirt cheap at my university bookstore, it wokrs great and i also had no problm with installation it is a usb mouse but luckly it came with a ps/2 adaptor , im wondering though if i used a serial to ps/2 mouse port adaptor , would it posibably work under windows 3.x i mean doesnt it use generic mouse drivers like most mouses?
  • Windows 3.11 works with PS\2 mice also you know.

    If you use a serial adaptor, just install the serial mouse systems driver or whatever Windows 3.X comes with. It's been awhile.
  • thanks dude, yea i thought win 3.11 supported ps/2 but i was thinking about win 3.x on my old 386sx computer which i should have mentions cause that was before usb . it does however have ye old serial port and i was thinking about trying it out of curiosity.
  • I like my Logitech Optical USB mouse best :)
  • I like my Logitech Optical USB Mouse best. :)
  • I like MY Apple USB optical mouse best
    i stole it from skool! see, its better cos its free:P
  • I like my Micro Innovations Wireless Optical Scroll Mouse :)
  • Good job bringing up an old-ass topic with no reason (y)
  • Micro Innovations! They made that ridiculous webcam that Fish keeps telling me to use in lieu[sic] of a real camera!

  • Micro Innovations do its best, but theyre not my favourites.
  • I like my Logitech Optical USB mouse best :)
    I've got one too, optical just pwns. Although... I plugged it into the PS/2 port instead of USB (might have changed it, don't remember). Supposedly plugging it into USB allows it to get better preformance.
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