power? i think i can hear it.....



  • So, +, -, and GND?

  • Terminology has defeated me here. I think that GND is -
    I have a working knowledge but don't know the names.
    Maybe they said neutral can serve as a ground. And it
    does. We used to call GND just another ground for
    safety. You can wire the - and the GND together and
    it works just fine. I won't say it's safe because you
    could get a surge through the utility's -
    We all just used to have two prong and one served as
    a negative charge for the electrons to flow to.
  • over here the ground wire goes straigt to the ground hence the name "earth"
  • I belive that's what occours, however some of the more advanced operations @ the breaker box have defeated me.

  • You can have you ground plug on the outlet go into the earth or you can have it hooked to the breaker box, either way. I think a metal outlet box will do the job too
  • i think a cricuit breaker works by having a coil or wire with an iron rod in it. this rod is attatched to the circuit, the circuit has this coil in it. when the current gets too high the iron rod is pulled away from the wire thus breaking the circuit
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