Google no longer serving up Firefox 2 compatible search



  • Good God, I thought I had problems... Google search has been worthless for many years now... I find is the only real alternative & it's going in the shitcan too as every so often you have to prove you are NOT a robot, wait for it... TO a ROBOT!

    Thank you all for FIGHTING the cyber-system as much as you do...

    I live where there's no cell towers or cell service (thank GOD) but my wife who does possess a cellphone ( I have no cellphone) has issues because they want you to have it 'on' for certain function but most service peeps interfacing cannot fathom this & will just say "Ma'am, if you just TURN ON your phone everything can be done!" So she complies to make them look like idiots... "OK, It's ON!"... "It's not showing!"... Yup it takes handing over to a supervisor (and the RIGHT one) to handle it over the landline...

    Un-Friggin'-Believable!... Technology is makin' people STUPID!!

    Came across a great video today & it's right where we are all headed & in China alot of what is acted out is already there since they are a 'compliant' people...The producers did alot of work on this, very good SHORT film-

    I also mirrored it here-

    Long-Live Old-Tech Abandonware, the BEST!
  • @02k-guy
    For the last week, on and off, I was banned from viewing videos because Im "using an adblocker" in my browser.
    This happened to me one time, although I was able to dismiss the "warning" and since then was able to watch videos despite having an adblocker running at all times.

    Not that I bother much with YouTube in general, but still...
  • when it comes to sites that insist i allow ads

    well that's where firefox and noscript comes in. can't check if i have an adblocker if the script to check for an adblocker is never run!
    though it does take a little configuration to start out.
  • edited January 11
    Briefly in December, YouTube tried again to block Brave Browser as containing an AdBlocker "which goes against our user agreement for YouTube".

    Since that time (I resorted to using Firefox...), Brave is now again working for YouTube, with the caveat of a 5 second delay in loading/exectuting videos.

    I'm old, I can wait...

    Brave does an excellent job (for me, anyway) of blocking ads on other sites, and tracking cookies, etc.

    So for now, the score is Brave = 1, Youtube = 0.5.

    Google has become just as pervasive as Microsoft. Usually, when that happens, some startup comes along and upsets the "Order of Things."

    And I look forward to the fresh paradigm....
  • you do realize the "upsets order of things" lasts for all of about 5 seconds until they're bought out and erased from existence
  • I do not know that.

    At one time, S100 bus machines ruled the user space. Then, the Commodore, Atari, Tandy platforms. Briefly, IBM defined the user space. Microsoft took that crown away, and Apple was but a schoolroom toy.

    Now Apple talks, everyone listens except that - smart phones now shape the form and platform for User space.

    Already, the web has redefined User space yet again - this time, rendering hardware and OS allegiance meaningless.

    Thinking that the many hundreds of small vendors being absorbed and locked away by Microsoft, Symantec, etc matters somehow, is focusing on ants, when the gorilla of AI is redefining what Humans call "reality" is at hand, well.....

    The one thing predictable is a form of Moore's Law, with each transformation taking less and less time to iterate.
  • thing with ai is that's king
    and so far everything associated with it is being bought up. every new startup that makes some new ai, bought. every new startup that comes up with a new thing, bought up.
    ants are ants, but what happens when you have a whole lot of them?
    small is big and big is small.
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