Google no longer serving up Firefox 2 compatible search



  • Gmail is acting up again in Opera 10.10. It logged me out, and when I try to log in, it fails, instead displaying some (probably erroneous) page saying it won't let me log in because my browser is "insecure". Yet it lets me log in with Firefox 2.
  • I pretty much gave up on older browsers and modern email. Instead I installed some oddball tweaks and got Outlook 2003 to work with MS hotmail. I think at one point I got gmail working.
  • Does changing the user agent to Opera 12.x work? It won't serve the 'new' GMail but it should serve the older version.
  • Opera 10.10 does not seem to permit changing the user agent to any arbitrary value, although it has options for "Mask as Firefox" and "Mask as IE".
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    In spite of YouTube's Classic deprecation, the page that appears when you are given a choice of accounts to use is still based on Classic with no Polymer equivalent existing.

    And that page is broken as it always signs you into one particular account regardless of the one you choose. At least on UXP (Pale Moon)-based browsers.
  • Does a newer browser help? I know Pale Moon has a different UX, but from what I heard it is still based on Firefox 52.

    But why bother with it when there is nothing worth watching?
  • I'm with Firefox 68 ESR currently, and I'd think whenever my browser gets upgraded to 78 ESR in about two months, the experience with the new YouTube might be better, but I'm just assuming things.
  • ESR versions usually are a bit behind shortly before they are EOL.
  • I'm only with ESR because I began to hate the regular Firefox over time, even with higher memory usage I've been seeing. Plus, Firefox 55 would've been the last straw for me.
  • I'm still pretty content with Pale Moon. Though some times anything Google quits on it.I can't stand modern firefox. The last good one (to me) was 28 before they just started copying other browsers.

    Pretty much suits my needs perfectly. And not resource hogging either.
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