QuickBooks 2.x (DOS)

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imageQuickBooks 2.x (DOS)

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  • So we're using some version of 1.0 right now. It has a customer number, but I don't know if that's ours or not as we bought the program decades ago and I'm not sure if this is that installed copy or not.

    This is STILL BY FAR the fastest, most complete and easy way to manage finances for a company or even personal. You can also still buy checks and print them using an xp machine (or earlier) as we do. I've been using this daily since the 1990s and nothing comes close. The windows versions are a bloated mess that hardly should even have the same name, and the newest versions are basically just made for CPAs to lock in their client's data.

  • And from what I remember, 2.0 and 2.1 didn't really add any features or change anything, hence why we stayed on 1.0 all these years even though we have the upgrades (somewhere).

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