Anyone wanna turn a duron into an Athlon?



  • yeah which is how you can turn a 1.6 duron into a XP 2400+
  • Duron 1.6GHz would be a 1900+
  • accorin to one site i read 1.6 is 2400+ with less cache..... ... &offset=10
  • BOD wrote:
    the 3200+ was the last 32bit athlon theyre concentrating on 64bit pro's now

    That would explain the great deal that this barebones system is. I guess I could get this in May, wait until the XP 64bit is out in full force, and then later upgrade. I'd have to see.
  • I heard somewhere there was 64bit emulation on a 32bit processor! What is it?
  • x8664 and I64 both contain the x86 instruction set, so they can both run 32Bit mode. Itainiums emulate @ ~ 400Mhz, A64s @ ~ 2000Mhz.

    EDIT: 64Bit emulation on 32Bit? Erg, I haven't heard of that.

  • yet again AMD beat intel....
  • Well how to turn a Socket 370 "Tualatin" Celeron to a P3? I would try if anybody figures out how...

    My Celeron (Mine is a 1300mhz):

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