Anyone wanna turn a duron into an Athlon?



  • Hmm.....

    Do I want to try this or not?
  • Seems interesting. I don't think I would try it though. Too risky
  • depends whether you can afford to replace it
  • Anyone wanna be out ginea pig?
  • Who HAS a Duron, to begin with...

  • Me....but I dont want to risk it
  • So do I, but I am not trying it with my only Duron CPU.
  • Fish should have 2 if the ones not fried/he hasnt sold them
  • i had an old one but i dont think it would work.

    according to a couple of sites the new "applebred" core is based around the thouroughbred core so its only gonna work with the 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 GHz models...
  • Interesting... but risky.
  • anything that involves making hardwarre do what its not supposed to do is risky
  • I might do it.
  • Really? I want those new Duron replacements to come out... Sempuron or whatever...
  • Those have 256K L2 std, thats how much an older Athlon has.

    The newer AThlons have 512K I think.
  • Wasn't it 640K?
  • For what?

    I read the Ceptron had 128K L1 and 256K L2

    Im not sure about the newer Athlons
  • 640K on the new Athlons. 512K for the newer Athlon64s.
  • I tryed it. I used my old Duron that ran at 900MHz. Only problem was I used a mobo that only supported up to a 700MHz duron and over clocked it to 900MHz. It worked great but after a few hours I smelt comthing burning and noticed it came from that PC and I turned it off and opened it up. The socket was all melted and the die was all ash black and about 2 to 3cm around the die turned into a dark brown. My PC room still smells like burning plastic. If I left it underclocked to 700MHz it might of still worked.
  • It only worked on a 1.4GHz, 1.6GHz, and 1.8GHz models
  • It worked on mine. Although I did some reasearch and found a site that had it for the older durons and used diffrent pins. All it did was cut the L1 cashe in half and pumped it to the L2 cashe. If I can find the site again ill post it.
  • Whoops

    It's Sempron, Warp. Did you mean something else or am I just confused? This is the new Duron, what's the new Athlon? ... 4&Itemid=0
  • the 3200+ was the last 32bit athlon theyre concentrating on 64bit pro's now
  • Suits me!

  • THat was just a good joke, i think.
    Does anyone know how to turn Celeron into P4? :)
  • now theres an idead i might look that up....
  • I know how!

    strap $500 to it and send it to tiger direct
  • Slash wrote:
    THat was just a good joke, i think.
    Does anyone know how to turn Celeron into P4? :)

    I think its impossible. You know Intel...
  • its worth a try
  • Hmmm, i don't wanna try (ewven though i have a 700mhz Celeron)

    BTW what is the point to change an celeron to a pentium 4? Wouldn't an overclock be better?
  • No, becuase the Celeron has far less cache

    Celerons and Pentium 4's are built differently, adding cache wont make it run like a Pentium4

    The Duron IS an Athlon XP W/ 64K L2
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