Does anyone know specs or anything about this laptop?

Hitachi Mx150mmx (I think is the name? That's what it's listed as.) I can't find anything on the internet about it, the seller only knows that it's got a "Pentium 150mhz" Does anyone have any clue as to what the specs might be, or even the year it was released?


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    Mx150TMMX is the model, as indicated by the sticker on the bottom. Probably made in 1997, as written in the S/N. (the Mobile Pentium 150 MMX was introduced in 1997, before being superseded by higher-clocked PII and Tillamook CPUs the next year.)

    I'd expect the rest of the specs to be quite typical of laptops of the era, so 16/32 MB EDO RAM, 1-2 GB HDD, Windows 95 etc.

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