[Req] MS-DOS 2.02

Hey. I have been looking for MS-DOS 2.02 for quite some time. The Compaq version (screenshots) is found even on this forum.
Link: https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/8165/ibm-pc-tandy-1000-application-software-no-game-screenshot/p42
Were there other versions 2.02, or just Compaq?

Can anyone share an image (Compaq 2.02 or another)?


  • I'm fairly certain that was just Compaq's version numbering. They numbered their early DOS releases a bit differently than others. In other words, that would probably be Compaq's second or third OEM release of DOS 2.00. Or to put it another way: Microsoft MS-DOS 2.00 [Compaq 2.02 OEM]. The primary differences would likely be in their IO.SYS/IBMIO.SYS and Compaq-specific bundled tools - the parts that OEMs customize.

    Most others just kept calling it "2.00" with separate OEM revision numbers.

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