[REQUEST] Audiostation/Media Rack

I’ve been looking for a download of Audiostation and Media Rack for Win3.1x/Win95

There seems to be multiple versions of each, like a regular and IBM version of Audiostation, and a Diamond and OPTi version of Media Rack

None of these seem to be available for download anywhere I search though

Both Audiostation and Media Rack are media (CD, MIDI, WAV, etc.) players that have individual modules that visually resemble their respective hardware counterpart, so the CD player module looks like a standalone CD Player complete with disc tray, the WAV player looks like a DAT/tape deck, the MIDI player looks like a standalone Roland MIDI player complete with floppy drive, etc.


  • I have that one. I’m pretty sure the version I own is the one you need.

    I’ll share it tomorrow when I get my hard drive from my parents’ home:

  • I've been looking for this app as well. Have never found the original v1.

    I have the newer v2 ("AudioStation 2") though if anyone is interested in the later version. It's the Gateway 2000 version and is for Win95.
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    Hi guys,

    I happen to have a driver compilation CD with drivers and utilities for older hardware PC components. On this CD there are installation files for:

    Voyetra AudioStation 1 (my guess is that it is a Win 3.1 version)
    Voyetra AudioStation 2 (probably Win95 version)

    The bad news is that Voyetra made these version work with specific sound cards only; for example AS1 works if the computer has a Crystal Sound Card installed; AS2 works with S3 SonicVibes sound card.

    I used my Win95 machine (which does not have either of the sound cards mentioned) to try out both version. While they install without problems, AS1 does not want to start at all, while AS2 can run the MIDI player, the CD player, but not the Audio Mixer. AS1 has problems uninstalling, AS2 does not.

    If anyone want to have these two things, post a reply and I will up them.

    I also urge cmarquez and Sacred517 to upload what they have, maybe their versions will work better.

    As for Media Rack (the Willow Pond version), it can be downloaded from here:

    https://vetusware.com/download/Media Rack for Windows 3.1

    Installs and works perfect under Windows 95, has no limitation. Only downside is the lack of uninstall option.

    Best to all!
  • Oh dear, I forgot about it.

    I'll get cracking and upload it.
  • Media Rack is also part of a suite of apps called Willow Pond Audio, there on MMCD 1.0 (https://archive.org/details/Exploring_the_Boundaries_of_Sound_and_Vision_MMCD_v1.0) and MMCD 2.0 (https://archive.org/details/mmcd_20200221)
  • I completely forgot about this...here's the AudioStation 2 Gateway 2000 version installer: http://www.mediafire.com/file/eu2ufwaq4tydkhf/file

    The files for this came off of the system software disk from a 1997 Gateway 2000 PC. Original sound card in that PC was an ensoniq of some kind (I'd have to go pull it apart to check the exact model).
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    Sacred517, could you please make the download NOT private so that people can actually download it?

    "This file is currently set to private. When a resource is set to private by its owner, only the owner can access it. If you would like to request access to the file, please log in to your account."
  • Oops, sorry about that. Fixed.
  • Thank you for your contribution.
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