[REQUEST] Audiostation/Media Rack

I’ve been looking for a download of Audiostation and Media Rack for Win3.1x/Win95

There seems to be multiple versions of each, like a regular and IBM version of Audiostation, and a Diamond and OPTi version of Media Rack

None of these seem to be available for download anywhere I search though

Both Audiostation and Media Rack are media (CD, MIDI, WAV, etc.) players that have individual modules that visually resemble their respective hardware counterpart, so the CD player module looks like a standalone CD Player complete with disc tray, the WAV player looks like a DAT/tape deck, the MIDI player looks like a standalone Roland MIDI player complete with floppy drive, etc.


  • I have that one. I’m pretty sure the version I own is the one you need.

    I’ll share it tomorrow when I get my hard drive from my parents’ home:

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