FreeBSD 1.0

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imageFreeBSD 1.0

FreeBSD is an open source Unix variant based on BSD Unix 4.3. Its licensing terms permit use of its code with more restrictive / closed-source code.

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    Poking around with a lot of patience will yield some rewards. Including iso images of older releases (including 2.0 ..which along with netbsd 1.0 is as close to the original 4.4BSD as you're likely to get). There's also ports (for each version, I think) and distfiles there as well.

    The layout of their ftp is kinda confusing (to me, at least). Poking around I'm finding 2 or 3 different versions of FreeBSD 1.0.

    As far as I can tell (I'm REALLY not sure) there's 1.0 and (?); but both are named "cd1.iso".
  • FreeBSD is not based on 4.3BSD. It is based on 386BSD.
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