Not sure if [offer] or [request]

I think the old versions of FreeBSD are worth archiving. Specifically 1.x and 2.0.x.

1.x because it's based on 386BSD and 4.3BSD; 2.0 because it's based off of 4.4BSD.

I doubt you want me to zip up and package the isos up (though I'd be happy to), but I'd be willing to trawl through the ftp archive site and post links so that you all can download and archive them.

The reason they should be hosted here, apart from history, is that finding them through the official channels is a bit of a snipe hunt and I can easily imagine these files being lost the next time that the FreeBSD organization decides to rearrange their ftp archives (or get rid of ftp altogether).

The things I'm finding are on their ftp archive at:


  • You already have one FreeBSD 1.0 iso; from what I can tell looking at the archive it looks like there's either 2 or 3 versions of 1.0 there.
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