Windows Alpha only can run on MS-DOS 3.0 and earlier is (kind of) wrong

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I've made a post about that. Here's the post:
I remember seeing "Incorrect DOS verison", tho...


  • Lets make a few things clear... The DMAADD message does not mean the end of the world. It is not an internal check Windows performs to confirm DOS version.

    DMAADD means disk transfer address and is one of the 6 (or 7) checks Windows performs. The function that performs the check is INITDOSVARP and the message it prints does not mean wrong DOS version even though it says incompatible DOS version. It also checks for disk transfer address, CurrentPDB, Control-C flags and DOS int 22h.

    If you get DMAADD does not match, it does not mean wrong DOS version and of course commands like SETVER or VER SET 2 11 won't work. Even if you bypass the DMAADD error somehow (like patching the executable), it is likely for you to encounter the CurrentPDB not found error as those 2 errors tends to happen together but Windows can only display one error message at a time. Interestingly, those errors are not fatal as no matter what, you'll always end up booting into Windows (it does not call FatalExit).

    Of course if you use MS-DOS 1.x or 5.x+, it will trigger the actual DOS version error but DMAADD error is the first one that gets displayed so you'll probably never see the actual DOS version error.

    Anyway, even though it should work on most DOS versions, it is not recommended to use MS-DOS 5 and if you see any of the incompatible DOS error messages, it indicates something might be wrong with your MS-DOS and you could potentially encounter problems (such as MS-DOS Executive not loading and apps crashing). If I recall correctly, Windows Old Application Support Module will not run MS-DOS 5+'s COMMAND.COM so it is probably a better idea to use MS-DOS 2.11 or IBM PC-DOS 3.00 (Microsoft used this to compile Windows).

    I's say it is also a better idea to run Windows 1.0 Alpha Release on 86Box or PCem but if you would like to use VMware Player or Workstation, it is probably better to download my VM here. I am not trying to advertise for myself but I honestly don't know you managed to get 3 versions of Windows installed to one directory:

  • I can launch programs simply fine.
    There's a few screenshots on my post.
    MS-DOS Executive loads perfectly fine.
  • Thank's for the post.
  • Okay
    I disabled loading mouse in autoexec

    Incompatible DOS version technically means Incorrect DOS verison.
  • I did experience a problem with loading MS-DOS executive on the first start of Windows Alpha, but I somehow managed to get pass that.

  • I did see the Alpha VM.
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