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imageNEWS-OS 4.x

NEWS-OS was a variant of BSD (later System version V UNIX) developed by Sony for use on their series of work stations called the Sony NEWS (Network Engineering WorkStation). This machine was a desktop replacement to VAXes in japan, created in 1987.

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  • According to pmackinlay on Discord: "Basically: this image is not for Motorola 68k, but in fact for MIPS R3000. The "R" after "4.2.1R" is an indicator it's the RISC version, and not "4.2.1C" for "CISC"."
  • Has anyone been able to get this running in a VM (qemu) yet?
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    @lenix It would also be worth trying in MAME's NEWS R3K driver

    EDIT: It doesn't work. Looking at what very little there is online about the MAME driver, you can't currently boot directly off of the CD. Looks like the emulator will run NEWS, but only from a pre-installed hard disk image.
  • Has anyone tried this on a Raspberry Pi? I was thinking it might work on that since it is RISC based, even though I'm sure there's a reason why it wouldn't work. I don't have one, so I'm just asking instead of trying it myself.
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