win 2k iso flashing to usb stick

I am trying to flash win2k on to a usb stick and when I try to flash, the program I am using (Balena Etcher) says the iso isn't bootable. (I got the iso from here.) I tried the original iso, sp4, then the oem but it said the same thing for all of them. help please.


  • Try Winsetupfromusb or Rufus instead. Windows 2000 discs are bootable.
  • Another vote for rufus. I used to use that back in the day to install XP from. I would think it'd work with 2000, but I haven't tested it.
  • edited September 2020
    I tried Rufus, the flashing went perfect, but when I put the usb in and booted from usb, it just sat there with a flashing cursor. I might try Winsetupfromusb next
  • hmm. Yeah, try Winsetupfromusb. That's what I usually use unless I need UEFI.
  • 2 years later I now realized that I was using uefi and not legacy BIOS.
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