What Emulators and Hypervisors Do You Use?

I use:
  • PCem
  • 86Box
  • VMware
  • VirtualBox


  • For type 1 hypervisors, I use Hyper-V for production VMs and ESXi for lab VMs. I am also playing around with XCP-ng / Xen Orchestra. For type 2 hypervisors, I usually use VMware workstation. I want to like VirtualBox, but I just don't. I've had too many issues with it in the past.
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    VMware is my favorite hypervisor since it is advanced. VirtualBox is a bit better for old software since it supports CGA more than VMware (e.g. VMware doesn't like the 640x200 CGA 2 colors mode) and it is a bit better for DOS/DOS applications but not good for really old DOS software since they rely on 4.77MHz
  • I almost always use VirtualBox except for most betas, and I want to know how to use Hyper-V.
  • I also want to know how to use Hyper-V. I use VMware for betas (except for the part, it doesn't work), and final releases.
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    My emulators/hypervisors on Windows 10:

    For Apple/Mac:

    Applewin-Apple II
    Basilisk II-MacOS 7.0-8.1
    Kegs32-Apple IIGS
    LisaEm-Apple Lisa OS
    MinivMac-System 0-System 7.55
    Pce Macplus-System 1-System 7
    PearPC-MacOSX 10.1-10.4
    QEMU-MacOS 9.0.4-MacOSX 10.5
    Sheepshaver-MacOS 7.5.2-9.0.4
    86box/PCem-Rhapsody Grail/Titan (x86)

    For Windows,OS/2, Dos and all others:

    Pce Macplus
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    Installed some more hypervisors and emulators, basically now it is the same as jonirob. Here is my desktop as of 9/12/2020, 5:23PM

  • these days it's 86box and virtualbox
  • Whenever possible, I use QEMU. Other ones I use are Dolphin, Mini vMac, Basilisk II, Previous, RetroArch, SheepShaver, Shoebill, and Wine (if it counts).
  • Oh I also use Previous for neXTSTep, Mini vMac and Shoebill.
  • I may be the odd one out, but Virtual PC 2007. I wasn't really a fan of VirtualBox.
  • I used to use Virtual PC back in the early days. In fact, I think it was the first virtualization software I ever used. I liked it. It's what eventually became Hyper-V.

    For the ones asking about Hyper-V, it's pretty easy to use. If you have Windows 10 you can add it as a feature. But be advised that older OS's really don't work that well in Hyper-V. It's more geared for server virtualization and anything older than XP isn't going to work or isn't going to work well.
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    Qemu (for sparc and sometimes powerpc)

    Once in a blue moon I play with some emulators:

    Model-1-2-3-4-TRS80GP-v2.3.1-(2020)(George-Philips) [trs-80; I don't remember the name of the actual program; the executable is trs80gp.exe]
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