Microsoft Mail 2.1

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imageMicrosoft Mail 2.1

There were two distinct "Microsoft Mail" products. One for AppleTalk Networks, and one for PC Networks.

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  • How do i get this to work?
  • Yeah, getting this to work is unfortunately non-obvious. The setup program should create the database, and you can point the admin program at the database by using the "-d" command line switch, but when asked for the database name it doesn't accept the name given to the database during setup. Not sure how to get any further than that.
  • Obviously I got it to run at some point, but I don't remember exactly how. I do recall it was a headache. I MAY have used Microsoft Mail with WFWG to create the post office. I also MAY have futzed with the the mailbox drive/directory locations such as using SUBST or placing it on it's own hard drive to make it look like a network drive. I did not use actual networking.

    This is why we need manual scans.
  • I've found a video on YouTube that skims over the install process. I haven't tried it again myself, but he briefly shows on screen the command line switches needed to create the post office. Might be useful for anyone wanting to setup this version:
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