is this a good deal?

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is this worth getting? ... _uid=51725

about 53.0942 USD


  • No... 9200SE is a really shitty card. But for the price... I wouldn't know how many pounds (is it pounds?) goes into US Dollars.
  • about 53.0942 USD

    i dont play that many games... i just need it to get my ahtlon back working for as cheap as possible
  • If you don't play many games, then yeah... If it is just for getting your Athlon back in working condition, its a good deal.
  • i found another one i could consider... ... _uid=63687

    about $53
  • If it is about the same price, then go for the one with more memory.
  • yeah i think i will... im on a very tight budget so i cant got over
  • Im sorry to say this but ATI cards are bottle necked. They rely on to much CPU resource then using it's own GPU. I would go for a GeForce. Also AMD and Nivida go togetther like coffee and creamer.

    A friend of mine at work has basicly the same PC I use for games but he has some ATI card that has 256MB of vram and I have a GeForce FX 5200. His PC laged real bad in DOOM3, I think he only got around 4FPS out of it. Whith mine I got around 55 to 60FPS.
  • Only 4FPS? That's just sad...
  • Errrr

    Even my shared video card I used to use could get about 25FPS
  • i got my 9200se 128mb for 49us sapphire gamers version
  • Where'd you get it at?
  • I think you can get better for that money.
  • not over here
  • ATI is also known for shitty drivers, and (if you're planning on running Linux) nVidia seems to have better Linux support.
  • ATI has shitty support for windows too. After all ATI is the 3D card of choice for Macs.
  • OK people this random Mac baching is getting irritating. I hear it once more I'm gonna say something.

  • And the random bashing of hardware. Just because you cant manage to get something to work properly doesnt mean that the hardware was bad, it just means you didnt know what you were doing.
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