I'm gone for a while...

I'm going on some retarded cruise, and my server will be down, maybe fish can run my site for me, i dunno


  • Dammit. I was thinking about working on my site again too... Oh well have fun on your 'retarted' cruise.
  • how the fuck is a cruise retarted? its one of the greatest vacations ever. Luxary at its finest.
  • how the fuck is a cruise retarted? its one of the greatest vacations ever. Luxary at its finest.

    not if u get seasick.....

    have fun......
  • I'd consider it a waste of time.

  • on a cuise u do spend a lot of time on the ship when u could be doing other things....
  • Exactly, in the time it takes to go on a cruise, I could've done the 2 GUIs that I shuold be working on when I'm done with forumning...

  • holidays are fun but. you alwasy have too much to do in so little time....
  • okay, im done the cruise part, let me start by saying that the food sucked horribly, and there were alot of obese (and some were old) people that used the elevator to go DOWN one floor (really people, when yur going down stairs, gravity is doing most of the work, all you have to do is move yur legs), most of the people had serious gambling problems, no, a cruise is absolutely not luxury at its finest, i'd much prefer something more along the lines of the Orient Express, though I did like people calling me Sir for once, without adding, yur making a scene

    I found some internet cafe at the place im staying at right now which is why I can post at the momment, but not long

    PS: Some old guy was looking at my screen apparently, so i just turned my monitor, probably some queer pedi0file, just goes to show there are some real wierdos out there, well i got to go now, be back later
  • oh btw, any new memeber or a name that looks like mine, signed in or as a guest could be the pedi0file, since im assuming he was looking at the site i was at
  • I'm back kids
  • oh goody...lol
  • Welcome back Mr. Clean
    from your terrible ordeal. I wish you'd had fun
    but I probably wouldn't have either. I like to be
    in charge of where I'm going and when and not
    be confined to a ship. Well you're free again
  • Yay. Now I can annoy MrC again!
  • WOW! Mr.Clean is back!!! Nice to see you again on the forum! It was a huge outage for you, as we've noticed.
  • "outage" ?

  • Maybe he meant it was really quiet without MrC?
  • I missed MrC on this forum. It was kinda... boring without him...

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