Corrupted Files (help wanted)

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I had already made a post like this, but I simplified it too much.

I run on Windows 10 and use a Windows 98 SE virtual machine. I wanted to download Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 off of the internet and load it onto my virtual machine. However, when they finish downloading and I attempt to eithewr open or extract the archives with 7Zip, an error comes up saying Cannot open the file as [7z] file. Errors: Unexpected end of data.

This leads me to believe that the archive attached to the download link is corrupted, as redownloading the file does not help. It should be made clear that I downloaded it through the IPFS link on the WinWorld website, because neither mirror download links would work. I also believe the corrupted archive problem applies to MS Entertainment Pack 3, and the mirror links on all posts of the site don't work for me.


  • Thanks for reporting that. The file stored in IPFS is corrupt. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how to add/edit for that, so for now I have just removed the IPFS link.

    As for the mirrors:
    1: Are you using Google Chrome? The current version has some very serious bugs that break downloading. For the time being, use Firefox instead.
    2: Check to see if your ISP is changing your IP address. On any download page, click the link for "check what the site and mirrors report". If they differ, then you will need to contact your (crappy) internet service provider and ask them to give you some way to keep the same address. Changing the address on each connection like that should wind up breaking a LOT of other sites as well.
  • I was able to download the file without any issues and it extracted correctly. I'm using Chrome, so it's possible you're having the issue with downloading insecure content. Please see the recent announcement for a solution:
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