I'm looking for the file "en_winnt_4.0_wks.iso". This file is not in the library.


  • That's an interesting request. A file name doesn't have much meaning. Anybody can name an iso anything they wish.
    However, I suspect it means something special to you. Google says "en_winnt_4.0_wks.iso" is most often used with a build of workstation released under one of the MSDN campaigns. And the info for THAT is as follows:

    Name: Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (MSDN)(English)
    Languages: English
    File Name en_winnt_4.0_wks.iso
    Size 605,513,728 bytes (577.4 MB)
    CRC-32: ffffffff
    MD4: 3cd787f16afdc0c4c04013e1586bfa1c
    MD5: ad2b8b49196fa289cbe68ff6f552221e
    SHA-1: a3a8528c34fa8120ca6945320051052744a1c121

    Here's the torrent Info Hash: C15947D4A0002DE87D764CF0EA75D05A2EEE272D

    Just pop that into google, and you'll get a magnet link I'm sure. But don't waste your time - there is no one seeding it.

    Anyhow, you have a little more to go on. Good Luck !
  • Yes. This is what I'm finding. Could you send to me?
  • I just got done saying I don't have it. I gave you all the info I had. Good Lord.
  • I doubt I will get a meaningful answer, but aside from being an MSDN distribution (barf), how is it any different from what we have on Winworld?
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    Heck if I know. It supposedly is sp1. A couple of the other NT's I have have a serial embedded. Almost all my MSDN and Microsoft SELECT physical CD-Roms have the serial embedded in either setup.ini, or the MSI (if used). I do know it was a real popular torrent ISO around 2010, judging from the artifact info I found.
  • Update: found it. An overdumped copy resides on archive.org. Once that was corrected, the resulting sha1 was a match.

  • The only difference between the MSDN CD and the ISO Winworld has is in Setupp.ini. One exists in each of the Alpha. i386, MIPS, PPC directories.

    contents of SETUPP.INI:

    X06-10569 MSDN 1996-10-13
    Pid = "50036"

    NT 4.0 Workstation (4.00.1381.1.sp1) winworld 1996-10-13
    Pid = "50036270"

    And, that's a wrap.
  • Where's the link?
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