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WARNING: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE COUNTER, SO IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU GET INFINITE DOWNLOADS. So, this "bug" chrome does to this website has made a weird issue with the download counter. In my earlier discussion, I talked about this "bug" chrome does to this website. So it does not let the website download (on my client). But the counter still "counts" the download tab opening and closing. So if you SPAM that download button, you'll probably reach more than 50 downloads (more than 25 in not logged in users). If you did not get it, SPAM that download button more, you'll eventually get it. I don't understand this. Will this issue be patched?


  • Whenever you click a mirror link to start a download, your counter will add that as a download, even if the download fails. That is unfortunate, but that is just the way it works right now. That can be a headache for anyone with a crappy internet connection trying to download a large file.

    Due to that nasty bug in Chrome, when you click the link it will look like nothing has happened but similarly the count will go up. Of course, the instinctive action when nothing happens is to try it again.

    So... don't do that. Switch to Palemoon or Firefox and wait 24 hours for your daily counter to reset.

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