About IBM OS/2 Editions

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Hello, guys!
I has questions about editions of OS/2.
I was made preliminary list, but i think, that this list incomplete. My need help with additionals to this list. Also my need any info about differents between editions.

OS/2 2.00

1. Full (3.5").
* Without labels on box.
2. Upgrade from DOS and OS/2 (3.5" and 5.25").
* Blue label on box.
* Only different in SYSINST2.EXE (Disk01).
3. Upgrade from Windows (3.5").
* Yellow label on box.
* I don't know about differents, we don't has this.

OS/2 2.10

1. Full (3.5" and CD).
* CSD level XR_2010_
2. Upgrade.
* We don't has this, i don't know about differents.
3. Special Edition for Windows (3.5" and CD).
* CSD level XR_2011_

OS/2 2.11

1. Full (3.5").
Who has any another info? Thank you!


  • There's great information about the different OS/2 versions at https://www.os2museum.com/wp
  • The os2museum website does not have the information i need.
    There are only a bunch of unsystematic reviews.
    And many important technical details are ignored by Necasek (also he don't like answer questions).
    I am writing to this forum, that to the need information don't exist in other sources.
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