Win 95 install, AGAIN

The Win95 computer died. Last installed Win95 in 2016. Am getting the "not sufficient memory to run Windows) on the new one. Seems to me there's a workaround for that?


  • Firstly, what are the specs of this new computer?

    Also to note, Win95 requires at least 4MB of RAM (although 8MB is recommended).
  • A similar message of "Insufficient Memory" will also show up if the system has too much memory installed. With Windows 95, the maximum amount of memory a system can access is a bit under 512 MB. Any more, it won't boot.
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    Thanks...1024 ram. Hmm-have to look and see if there's any 512 DDR 2 in the collection
  • Are you using RTM or OSR 2.x?

    You MAY be able to work around the "too much ram" issue by adding the line
    MaxPhysPage=20000 to the [386Enh] section of your system.ini file.

    Windows 95 OSR 2.x (not sure about RTM) can do around 900MB by setting MaxPhysPage=3B000, or a number around there. The exact maximum can be different on different machines.

    When you do this, you also should add the value MaxFileCache=65536 to the [vcache] section in the system.ini. Otherwise you may encounter an issue working with large files that causes Win95 to temporarily freeze for a few minutes.
  • I believe this is the workaround. am using RTM, but have an OSR 2 copy here someplace. Thank You so Much!
  • For Bry.. When saying "new" computer, meant new to me ;-) Intel Pentium 4 3.2Ghz, DDR2 1024MB ram, Fujitsu 4.3gig AT HDD with Win95 loaded. (from old computer)
  • I tried to install Win 95 on an old PC - a custom-tailered one. AMD 2400+ CPU and 2 GB RAM.
    DOS 6.2, WinNT 4.0 and Win 2000 --> easy to install and they work properly.
    Instead of WinNT 4.0 I tried to install Win 95b. And it showed me the finger: No enough
    memory! 2GB was way too much for that old lady!
    Just a clue: Win95 runs well on IP166 with 256/512 Mb RAM - no more RAM!
  • And once again you CAN run Windows 95 with more RAM as long as you add

    "MaxPhysPage=" with a value between 20000 to 3B000 to the [386Enh] section of your system.ini file.

    I'm running it right now on a KT7A with a Mobile Athlon 3000.

    Of course, finding drivers for video cards and network cards is another problem.
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