Do you update your BIOS?

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Does anyone besides me update their machines BIOS regularly?



  • No. I am very afraid of doing it....
  • Nope. I'm afraid too. Because I don't trust those damn undo disks.
  • I'm afraid of it, because my power goes out regually and I'm afraid I that the power will go out when its being flashed, and my bios will be screwed up.
  • Hmm, that's right, you ARE in Calif...

    May I recommend a APC?

  • i did it to my athlon but i dont trust myself with my laptop. hell i havnt been in the bios anyway...
  • i flashed once, and royally fucked the BIOS and had to find a replacement. it happened that i got the wrong update.
  • That's always the BIGGEST problem with BIOS updates, finding them and making sure you have the right one(s).

  • yeah it said something like for 1232445-springdale-895389589 and i had one off a few numbers
  • i dont know why they cant do it like thsi


    make it simple like...
  • I just did and it almost screwed my computer up.

    I couldn't boot to anything but the floppy and I have only 640 KB of RAM.

    Luckily I found the old ROM and flashed that over and it worked fine.

    That freaked me out big time.
  • HELL NO!!! Q ruined his doing it when I told him he shouldnt, mines working fine currently, theres no reason I should.
  • I did NOT ruin it, and you didn't say ANYTHING untill afterwards.

  • I update mine only if there's a major bug fix or if I add some hardware that it doesn't like or when the PC just starts having a mind of it's own. I'm not affraid, I have a EPROM burner so before I update the BIOS I make a copy of the old one and then update it. I've only messed up once and that was a long time ago. You shouldn't be scared to flash the BIOS. Now a days you can restore the old BIOS back by a push of a button. Also you can buy a BIOS backup for like ten bucks.
  • It is very professional to get a Bios Programmator connected to COM or LTP port. It's safe and reliable. And buy more flash microchips, for some instances!
    ~Slash & Nemo
  • I got BIOS 1014 BETA 003 ACPI for my Asus P2B-f. Its the last bios made for my board, and i needed it for ACPI support in winXP.
    Its a beta, but its still as stable and reliable as a regular version.
    now it even boots off USB, LS120 and other devices!
  • Beta meaning status or the company name?

  • I cannot find BIOS updates for my 486. Help! THe mainboard is Sis496-497 chipset. Also, who has a documentation for it?
  • Slash wrote:
    I cannot find BIOS updates for my 486. Help! THe mainboard is Sis496-497 chipset. Also, who has a documentation for it?

    you probly wont find anything for that machine.
  • They probably do not support it anymore.
  • Q wrote:
    Beta meaning status or the company name?


    Thats the Status. Its an Asus P2B-f Slot 1 board.
  • youd be suprised how much u can get about old machines...
  • I dont update my BIOS...dont really care to anyway. Why fix something that aint broken?
  • I just updated mine. It worked, went in verrry smoothly, i like asus boards, they have made updating the bios soo easy and if you mess up you can recover the orignal image from the board cd through some program that u can access without a startup disk.
  • my BIOS cannot be flashed, if it did, i wouldn't do it at all, a little risky for me
  • my athlons old board could be updated throuigh windows. which is good cos i ddint have a floppy drive
  • I wish my laptop was like that, but my laptop needs a floppy drive to update the BIOS, and it dosen't have a floppy drive :(
  • I've flashed my old IBM's BIOS. Everything went smoothly. I was nervous all the way while I was doing it.
  • WOW! I've flashed my 486 BIOS!!!! I've found an update from 1996 for that mainboard. And flashed it using ROM Programmator, even my BIOS isn't flashable... Nemo helped me a lot, thanks...
  • i used to do my ahtlon but im terrified of fucking this one up, as its my olnly working PC
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