CrapUSA craps out, or something like that...

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OK, my cheap CrapUSA one that is currently standing 2:1 against the opposition has an annoying problem, it wont forward UDP 6112! It filters ALL UDP ports! So here's the plan of action:
    X Call their tech support
  • Ask Fish (He's away, hence that's #2)
  • Go buy a new one and use the old one as backup/expansion.



  • OK that was poor, I called their tech support and the # didn't exist anymore! Fish's force restart didn't work either, I think it's tiem for a new router.

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    Get a Linksys router. They seem to work well.
  • Why do you ALWAYS capitalize the 'SYS' ?

  • Q wrote:
    Why do you ALWAYS capitalize the 'SYS' ?


    I don't know why. Why do I spell colour like that when I don't, or have ever lived a place where they do. Anyway I changed the post.
  • OK, just curious, I spell things British @ times too.

  • Q wrote:
    OK, just curious, I spell things British @ times too.


    whats that supposed to mean?
  • colour.

  • flavour

    i could think of more but im lazy
  • OK the late 2 are new to me.

  • yeah. u guys like the letter ZED
  • 'ZED' ?

  • the last letter of the alphabet .... duh! lol
  • 'ED' ?

  • Some countries do pronounce "Z" 'ZED'.
  • yeah like us
  • We pornounce it 'Zee'

  • yes i noticed that

    *stops moaning about american english*
  • Yes! I've got it! Yes, it does forward UDP!

  • What did you have to do?
  • Just set up port forwarding!

  • .... Oh.
  • my remedy is usually big hammer.... or thowing it aorund the rrom...
  • what I would do is when a computer part dosent work for a certain purpose (not breaking entirely) I would sell it at a yard sale. I get enough money to buy a newer one (with help of saved money in bank)
  • i find that a cutting disk is good. very good for getting rid of anger
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