Microsoft Access 2.0

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imageMicrosoft Access 2.0

Microsoft Access is a powerful and friendly desktop database. You can design complex tables, forms, and reports through selection and drag-and drop. You can make a fully usable interactive database application without a line of code, but for more advanced functionality it supports built-in Visual Basic for Applications. It is also bundled with some versions of Microsoft Office

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  • Can anyone get this title to work? I keep getting a "Couldn't find file 'C:\ACCESS\SYSTEM.MDA'." error. So I used the MS Access Workgroup Administrator program, but this also produces a -1811 error when it tries to save a new workgroup file. Joining the existing SYSTEM.MDA workgroup file does not work either. Puzzling.
  • You probably didn't reboot after installing, like you were supposed to.

    That error means that share.exe or vshare.386 is not loaded. Access 2.0 installs vshare.386, but not before it tries to set up the workgroup database.

    If rebooting does not let you create the MDA file, then exit to dos and manually run share.exe, then launch windows 3.1.

    If neither share.exe nor vshare.386 work, then you probably have something screwy with your file system, such as not running from a normal FAT16 drive.

    Note that Windows 95 or later or NT do not need share.exe or vshare.386.
  • Okay I solved the issue. I'm running this in DOSBox-X with Windows 3.1. The emulator's resident DOS was running, not the installed DOS 6.22 on my disk image. So I made the emulator boot from the image, and voila! the Workgroup Administrator works correctly now. So does Access 2.0.
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