Juno 1.x

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imageJuno 1.x

First released in 1996, Juno was originally a free internet and e-mail service with a proprietary client that displayed advertising. As stupid as this seemed, consumertards loved it.

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  • Probably could do without the editorials in application descriptions.
  • A lot of people didn't have and perhaps couldn't afford internet service at the time. It wasn't easy to justify the cost back when there was very little on the internet. You couldn't shop, you couldn't download forms, there was no encyclopedia, etc, the internet was just a jumble of personal websites, Universities, irc chat and news groups. But email, now that was a killer app everyone wanted, and Juno provided it. The ads were trivial to defeat as well, with one folder to wipe after disconnecting. A real shame they used huge bitmaps rather than an efficient compressed format like JPEG or GIF.
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