[Request or not?] Microsoft Learning DOS 1986

I found it in ebay maybe incomplete?
Will be from 1987? https://www.ebay.com/itm/164501797192


  • That is very incomplete. There should be at least 2 disks with Learning DOS 1.01. Looking at my photo archive, it looks like 1.00 (a version with the earlier blue style branding) has 4 disks.

    Plus, $49.99 could buy a complete box, not just one crufty disk.
  • I mentioned this last year. (*This is only information.)


    This consists 4 disks.
    Uploaded on WinWorld is Not dumped from original.

    *Disk 1 -- Lessons for Systems with a Hard Disk
    *Disk 2 -- Lessons for Systems without a Hard Disk
    *Disk 3 -- DOS Quick Reference
    *Disk 4 -- The DOS Sampler / Demonstration Disk
  • I find picture of Microsoft Learning DOS came with 4 Disks. Disk 4 The DOS Sampler is a look into Microsoft Business Software.

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